Equal Rights Presentation Week Assignment

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Opportunities 0 Although time has transcended, Muslims lack few opportunities within the workforce. C] Muslims are promoted less often than their counterparts although they share equal qualifications. Muslim student applicants of American and non-American decent receive fewer acceptance letters to colleges than that of other ethnic groups. C] Regardless of obstacles faced by them, Muslim communities are striving through community integration and meeting to educate the populace on their beliefs and values and continue to strive to demonstrate their love for the united States.

How Society Has Constructed This Groups Identity. L] America & its constitution facilitate integration of any group into society, without forcing them to disavow elements to the original identity. 0 Islam Muslim religion) has throughout its history accommodated all races, cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities. CLC Muslims do not constitute one race or nationality: and their religion is neither racial nor sectarian. Islam is compatible with all cultures, its high moral standards do encourage the process of integration and contribution to society.

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D Muslims restrain themselves from harmful acts & behavior that may be legal, socially condoned, or even socially acceptable norm. All these traits & behaviors assist development Of genuine, cohesive identity of Muslims that society has constructed of them. Legal F-ramekin L] All religious practices are protected by First Amendment. D Guarantee religious liberty, or freedom of conscience, for all Americans-people of all faiths and none. 0 Employment Opportunities protected by US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

C] IIS Patriot Act: allowed the attorney general to detain inconsistent suspected of terrorism without a warrant, and authorized new surveillance guidelines for U. S. Law enforcement agencies. Legal Framework C] Clear Law Enforcement for Criminal Alien Removal Act or (CLEAR ACT): Allowed for local law enforcement the power to enforce federal immigration laws. CLC National Security Exit-Entry Registration System (NESSES): Allowed for government to track, continually fingerprint male Muslims between the ages of 16-45. These men would have to report to INS and undergo a series of questioning and background screening.

C] Islamic Human Rights Organizations 0 ; Amnesty International CARR C] ; Muslim American Society Proposed Solutions L] IIS Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; CLC Religious Discrimination Protection C] Work Situation: Law forbids discrimination in any aspect of employment, including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoff, training, fringe benefits, ND any other term or condition of employment. C] Harassment: Illegal when so frequent or severe that it creates a hostile, offensive work environment, or when it results in an adverse employment decision.

Segregation: prohibits workplace or job segregation based on religion. Ascertainable Accommodation: Employer may be required to make reasonable adjustments to the work environment that will allow an employee to practice his or her religion. Dress & Grooming Policies: Employee’s or applicants needing dress or grooming accommodation for religious reasons, he should notify the employer that he or she needs such an accommodation or religious reasons. C]legend Hardship: Employer does not have to follow religious accommodations if it is a burden in cost, work efficiency, conflicts with other staff, or becomes a safety issue. њEmployee Policy/ Practices: Employee cannot be forced to participate (or not participate) in a religious activity as a condition of employment. Corporate Human Resource Department: References back to EEOC Dataset or Federal Laws, government agencies: References back to immigration laws and rights Geopolitical Strategies, Religious Groups, Grass Root Organizations: Passionate o maintain equality within Muslim minority, Fight to improve federal laws and legislative acts that discriminate upon Muslim Americans freedom and privacy. Does Issue Exist In Other Countries? If so, how is it handled by differing groups?

C] The issue of Muslims being looked upon as terrorist in other country’s definitely does exist. Stereotyping Muslims is unfortunate for the hard working innocent people but is something that other country’s does not overlook. What are some stereotypes of Muslims Does Issue Exist In Other Countries? If so, how is it handled by differing groups? C] Other country’s just as ours take extra precautions awards people that look a certain way, looking out for suicide bombers and other forms of suicide attacks on public transportation and crowed public events to try and prevent any unnecessary incident.

F-or us or other country to just not take precautions, to be nice would not be smart because the real terrorist cells still exist and are still very active. Teams Compromise or Alternative to Existing Solutions C] Right now and really since 9-1 1 Muslims have been the topic of converse Zion. CLC Muslims in general have nothing to do with all the hatred but are stereotyped and looked to be bad just because of errors attacks throughout the United States and the world. 0 Being prosecuted just because you kick a certain way is not right but many American’s see only what the news want them to turning Muslim looking individuals to terrorist.

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