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Study Lesson and use InterAct Math website, available through the IT Tech Virtual Library to practice concepts Here?was how to get there. ITT Tech Virtual Library> School Of Study> General Education Information> Research Guides> Tips for Math Success> The link is in the middle of the page Recognize what you know and practice what you don?mat know. The textbook is Blitzed Algebra and Trig e Chapter 1 1 . Visit the Course Lounge for additional resources Participate in Discussion Forum (see examples posted in forum) Submit Exercises

Additional Resources and Tutoring If you are having some difficulty with the content, I have posted several helpful links in the Student Lounge. I would suggest participating in the student lounge and trying to communicate with some of the other students. If you need additional tutoring see below. Question 1 of 1: Designing a Program Programs must be very thoroughly designed before they are written. In this assignment, you will discuss the importance of first designing a program using an algorithm, pseudopodia, and flowcharts before writing the actual ode.

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Respond to the following questions: a. Why do you think designing a program before you create it is beneficial? B. What do you feel would be more beneficial to you: algorithm, flowcharts, or pseudopodia? Why? C. Provide a real-world example of what could happen if a programmer begins a new project by jumping right in and writing the code without designing a program.

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