Sales & Marketing Strategic Worksheet Assignment

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Determine award levels and associated rewards I Establishes reward criteria for high-achieving sales personnel I SQ 2014 | Book action and plan event I Determines location and event information I SQ 2014 | Select qualified sales personnel and send invitations I Determines qualified high achievers I SQ 2014 | 1. 7 Remodel and update sales and marketing work area I What are the I How will this achieve the goal? I What is the achievement supporting activities? Deadline?

I Determine overall scope of work and budget I Establishes design of new space and budget requirements I SQ 2014 | Prepare and submit Raps to selected vendors/contractors I Ensures that consistent construction and design standards are established I SQ 2014 | Award contract(s) and begin work Achieves goal of creating new space for department I SQ 2014 | 2. 0 Interview Questions. Write interview questions for the sales and marketing area. Submit this section in Unit 3. Add more rows if needed. Interview question I Rationale for including this question | 2. 1 .

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Describe how you have leveraged your creativity to be successful in winning new customers. I The key term here is “new customers. ” In order to double our sales we’re going to need sales people who are adept and experienced with bringing in new business. | 2. 2. What kinds of sacrifices have you made to be successful? Explain. I A successful salesperson is driven to make money, and the great ones are willing to make sacrifices in order to be successful. This assesses the candidate’s commitment to the job and their willingness to do whatever it takes to do well at it. | 2. 3. How many cold calls do you make in a typical day?

I This question is a good way to assess a salesperson’s level of drive, and the energy they bring to finding new business. We want people who know that a good portion of their day needs to be spent on prospecting. It also determines their level of comfort with cold calling. 2. 4. How do you close tough customers? Walk me through some examples. I This question is designed to gauge persistence, tenacity, and motivation. There will always be a certain number of “tough customers,” and we want salespeople who can stick with the process and try new approaches in order to eventually make the sale.

People who tend to back down when facing a tough customer won’t usually succeed in the role. I 2. 5. Describe some of your biggest prospecting successes? I This question can help determine how successful the salesperson has been, and helps to flesh out their style. We’re going to need to hire a few “rainmakers” who can find and land the big deals, and this question provides insight into their overall abilities. I 3. 0 Purpose Statement. Write a purpose statement for the sales and marketing area. Submit this section in Unit 4.

Most of us are aware of the term purpose statement but are unsure of what its real meaning is within an organization. It is a statement describing the organization’s purpose, or the reason for its existence. The purpose of an organization reflects a desired position in the marketplace. It should accurately answer to the questions below. The purpose statement is the written summary of those answers. The most effective purpose statements are short, concise, and direct. A good purpose statement is between 2-3 sentences. Purpose Statement I we are getting it done?

I Sales & Marketing is a functional area in the That Corporation I Sales & Marketing ensures that That Corporation products and services are widely known and demanded, creating a high volume of customer purchases I Sales & Marketing benefits the entire organization through production of sales revenue, and the general public through sales of its products and revise I Sales & Marketing is effective when it produces a high volume of sales that meet or exceed established goals, and our customers are happy I Compile the answers to the four questions into a concise 2-3-sentence statement summarizing those questions.

This statement is your Purpose Statement. I Sales & Marketing is the functional area within That Corporation that ensures That products and services are widely known and purchased at high volume. We support the organization through production of sales revenue, and support the general public by meeting their demand for our products and services. We are successful when our sales meet or exceed established goals, and when our buying public is pleased with our products and services. I 4. 0 Performance Standards.

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