Week 4 Assignment

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Question 1 of 4:| | | Interview an entrepreneur. This entrepreneur could be one who was able to raise finance for the venture or one who was unable to raise finance for the venture. Write a paper summarizing: a) The various efforts put in by the entrepreneur in raising the funds b) The entrepreneur’s experience of the process of raising finance c) An analysis of the factors that made the investor or financial institution invest or not invest in the venture| | Question 2 of 4:| | | Create a design and outline of the business plan to be completed in week 6.

Note: The design of the business plan should follow the same criteria expected for the final project and should only be a “skeleton” of the business plan. | | Question 3 of 4:| | | Create an executive summary for the business plan developed in Assignment 2. | | Question 4 of 4:| | | Prepare a script for an elevator pitch (not more than five minutes long) for the business plan developed in Assignment 3. | | DQ 1: A business plan should concentrate on the content rather than the style and presentation. Give your views. DQ 2:

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A business plan for a venture operating in a service industry is different from that of a venture operating in a manufacturing industry. Give your views. DQ 3: Entrepreneurs themselves are often the best selling agents of a venture to potential investors. Discuss giving examples. 1. Information on the pricing strategy of the product to be produced by a venture is part of the ??? section of the business plan. a. Finance strategy b. Operation strategy c. Marketing strategy d. Environment strategy 2. An elevator pitch is: e. A section of the business plan outlining the entrepreneurs contact details f.

A short presentation made to the investor g. A summary of the environmental analysis h. An enhanced form of the business plan 3. The scalability of the venture is a measurement of the venture’s???. i. Capacity to grow j. Profit statement k. Cash flow statement l. Viability in the industry 4. An executive summary is a substitute for a business plan. m. True n. False 5. A business plan can be used to measure the progress of the company. o. True p. False 6. Investors are likely to invest in a firm that has: q. The least financial requirements r. High earnings s. An extensive product line t. A large number of employees 7.

A business plan is developed only for the potential investors. u. True v. False 8. A business plan should be flexible and open to change. w. True x. False 9. The copies of contracts and agreements signed by the company are included in the ??? section of the business plan. y. Environment analysis z. Appendix and supporting data {. Organization structure |. Company history and background 10. The ??? strategy for the organization should be based on entrepreneurs’ long-term planning-whether they want to sell the business after it reaches a critical size or merges with a bigger organization. }. Exit ~. Organizational . Environmental ?. IPO

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