Ways to better your presentation Assignment

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Technology has changed people’s life in many different ways but not always for the best or even to improve their life but to do badly in the world. Like they say that a person can change behind closed doors so can peoples ethics. As for example the No Electronic Theft (NET) Act in 1997, how many of us sometimes are will wait for a CD or movie to come out and when we think about going to buy it or even see it the movie n theater, especially if we have a normal size family of people.

There easy could be a hundred dollars for a trip to the movie but when there might be a place where you know they sell black market or even a website online. That where the No Electronic Theft (NET) Act in 1997 comes in place for people make or even reproduce or share copies of copyrighted work. Before this law people would sell and copied software programs, movies, games and even songs for profit gain. It carries a maximum anally of three years and a huge fine of 250,000.

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But if it shows that person was doing it for nonprofit gain they could face no chargers or minimum penalties but still if we sit down and realize where the ethics are. The other law that caught my eye during the homework assignment was Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCP), 1991 since right after working in a call center for two years after my high school day with all honestly I didn’t seem to know what was important that our personal honestly ND ethics is more important than the companies and if that company doesn’t have the honest ethics maybe isn’t the right place for someone.

I know that sometimes be get call by telemarketer all day and sometimes we tell them we want to be on the Do Not Call Registry. Because of the problem with telemarketing that they call to early or two late they have rules and it’s where the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCP), 1991 comes in two place where if you telemarketer you want on the Do Not Call List and from there on it take 31 days from the date you asked to be on the list for it in order to be removed and it have a 5 year register .

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