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Regardless of however war was defined; it was never good situations for one to be involved in. Throughout history, power and colonialism was achieved through war and the earliest civilization of Mesopotamia was recorded as the first war ever happen. The First World War was sparked with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir of Status-Hungarian throne in Sarajevo on 28th June 1914. The death of Ferdinand is the start of events of global war. World War 2 left devastating impact to thousands from all over the world and it was known as the biggest mass war that ever happen.

In this assignment, the writer will touch on the reason why war happened and discussions on the war from a moral principle point f view, like the principle of duty, principle of badness, principle of human evolution and principle of ambition point of view. It is important to understand this issue to find solutions to war. The writer will also give suggestions on how can we prevent war from happening in future. War and Reasons Crushing effect of war is undeniable. The damage affects both physically and psychologically.

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War did not happen overnight, it usually the cumulated conflict between countries and usually happen for a very long durations. Some wars take up to decades to end and till today there are countries still at war. War happen due to arioso reasons and it involve human nature and greed. 2. 1 Colonialism We can ponder about the many reasons as to why war happened, but let us look further into depth on the few main points that were mentioned above. Colonialism, according to Stanford En CITATION Shook 1033 (Cohn, 2014)cyclopedia of Philosophy refers to the practice of domination, that involve the submissions of one people to another.

We recognized colonialism back in history as how one country colonizes another, mainly on the desire to expand their power and territory. It can be due to economical reasons such as acquisition of resources or expansion their territory. There are positive and negative impacts to colonization. In Malaysia, colonization started when Portuguese were looking for new trade routes from Europe to India. They conquered Malice in 1511. The colonization of British into Malay had improved infrastructures and industrial establishment with the building of railway road and new town.

In return for modernization for a better Malay, Malaysia’s natural resources were exploited. Independence Men were never born to be brought up in a cage or to live under fear. The inborn desire to live freely is one of the main reasons that men would start a war to fight for their independence. The fight for independence has always begin with a voice of rebellion among the citizens of a country, be it the fight from an unjust government or the fight to stand up for something they believe in or the fight for the people itself.

William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, national heroes that fought for the independence of Scotland from England rule. Scottish War of Independence started in the late 13th and early 14th century. They fought a series of battle to free Scotland from the ruling of England, which was a then a wealthier country than Scotland at that era. The wars failed to gain Scotland independence but it established the cagey of the people of Scotland as proud and undetectable; a pride which they carry for centuries afterward.

There are few other wars that were fighting for the freedom and not every time those war will succeed in freeing themselves and there are always consequences to pay. Latin America war of independence lasted nearly two decade. Religious Dispute Differences in religion can be one of the main reasons to start the wars. Religious conflict was said to be the main reason for war and Crusade War was known as one of the most devastating wars that lasted 200 years between the Christians and Muslims. The Crusade War started when Muslims conquered Jerusalem which is a holy place of Christians.

The cause of the war were when Christians were fighting to win Jerusalem back and the Muslims fighting to keep Jerusalem. In some context, there are political groups that are inclined to use religion for their political interests. Recent kidnapping of school girls in Nigeria by Book Harm has raised questions as to whether it was done in the name of religion or for political gain. Book Harm is a militant Salamis group that claimed their fight is for the name of religion whilst trying to overthrow Nigeria government.

Their extremist version of the Islamic religion dictates a no voting policy, no education and to imposed controlled dressing. Whoever that do not comply to these rules were considered to be going against the Islamic religion. Their intentions of using religion as a threat for war in this case may be questionable in regards to their true desire to spread Islam or for political gains. Economical Gain Most countries depend on natural resources as their main source of revenue to keep the country running and to feed their people.

The lack of resources of a country is a strong enough reason to start a war. Let us look at the example of the Japanese invasion into China and Manchuria in sass is for the resources which were aplenty in Manchuria. The natural resources of iron, coal mining and agricultural was what Japan needed to cater to the increasing numbers of Japanese population at that time. The rapid increment of Japan population causing the lack of food was a motivation for them to expand into Manchuria and China, as a solution to their problem.

Similar scenario was witnessed when the Japan invaded Malay in 1941; this was considered as a big victory to Japan because Malay was rich with resources that were at that mime contributing to 38% of world’s rubber and 58% of world’s tin. Moral Of Principle The initiation of wars may have started off on a basis for a noble cause, but no matter what the reasoning were, they were on some grounds that were considered immoral. There are principles that can be used to Justify the noble act of the war behavior; regardless we should all bear in mind that it is by no means a Justification for violence.

Principle Of Duty Emmanuel Cant’s principle of Duty is the respect to lawfulness and what come to mind is to respect and follow the duty that was created by the ruler or whoever at the higher ranking of power. He suggested the duty was carry out due to the sense of responsibility to their superior or leader and to their country. Doll Hitler officers were trained to carry out duties as orders given to control the Germans that did not support him. They were allowed to arrest even on weak grounds of suspicions of any wrong doing.

The officers have the duty to carry out orders from the upper level officer rank hence, order from Hitler and his high ranking officers. Using force and instilling fear into the public was their goal to ensure that public kept their opinions to themselves, was a driving force as to how Hitler manages to succeed in to rise to rower. Further examples of Principle of Duty can be seen at the order given by Hitler for The Holocaust, the order to kill all Jewish population, be it young, old, men, women or children. The order was carried out and caused the loss of life of six million Jews.

The morality in principle of duty became blurred with their own conscience and actions because the duty of army officers is to follow orders and the duty of army was to carry out the orders given. Cant’s rationale for the principle of law was with the formula of Freedom + Justice + Wisdom + Choice = Morally Right Action His concept of goodwill is something good without conditions. As we know, the right action differs from person to person and not all can agree of the same value. Principle of Ambition Ambitions are what drive humans to achieve a better status in life or to improve their existing conditions in some way.

The way to achieve those ambitions depends on which route we take. To get what one want is by using intelligence, willpower and determination in achieving it. The principle of Ambitions sees that when a person uses their intelligence the right way, it will deliver the ambitions with the right moral value. The morality in Principle of Ambitions can be easily retarded by the greed in unman nature. Greed and combination with intelligence can create a negative impact to human kind like war for the personal satisfactions. This will lead to morality pushed aside for personal gain.

Principle of Badness Children are thought by their parents to act on good behavior and to behave in a way that is considered well-mannered by social standards. It is believed by Charlotte Mason that the personalities of humans weren’t born either good or bad but they have the tendency to behave negatively or to portray good behavior. According to the principle of badness, humans need to be taught to discipline them to suppress hem from doing bad things and that humans should be guided onto the right path alongside God. Extreme situations like wars can bring out the good in humanity or the worse in them.

The cause and effect of war can cause a personality alteration of a person that has been ingrained with good traits and behavior, since young. By using the Principle of Badness, we can agree that when soldiers are under orders to take out the life of their opponents, it has crossed their own ingrained moral values of not killing another life, therefore demonstrating that it is possible for humanity to act on bad traits. Principle of Human Evolution Darwin theory of Evolution mentions that humans and animals evolve according to the changes of climate and environment to be able to adapt and survive.

The Principle of Human Evolution sees the development of human life through influence by the environmental and genetic factors. Human will evolve and change according with time and age. With the good guidance, humans can be conditioned to act with good behavior whereas a negative influence or environment in the earlier stage of their development could most likely mould an individual into possessing negative traits. Principle of Human Evolution can describe strongly the existence of war through human development requirements for resources, their need to feel empowered and the need to be in control.

The evolutions of human become one of the factors to start war when their most basic human needs are satisfied; this leads to their need to satisfy their higher level of self actualization. Mascot hierarchy of need theory show human needs changes throughout their life to fulfill the ladder of needs. War Prevention War can be prevented from happening and in order to do that, we need to understand the cause of war and why it happens. The various reason of war happening can be solve when both party is willing to find a solutions together.

Countries can avoid war from happening by learning from the past and understanding history as a form of lesson. Countries should respect each other regardless of their cultural differences or their political differences. Strengthen the Political Relationship By strengthening the political relationship within countries, peaceful political discussions can be achieved therefore avoiding potential political conflicts from happening; therefore good communication is also a strong tool to maintain mutual aspect towards all countries and extending helping hand when needed will help to further strengthen the relationships between countries.

Political support is important to ensure the safety of both countries involve. A true example of such situation is when the support shown by Malaysian government to Chinese family during the early stage of missing MYNAH helps to strengthen the relationship between Malaysia and China. Develop Closer Bond Between Religion As a general rule of common understanding, each individual regardless of race or country should respect each other’s religion as an important step to prevent any Seibel conflict or sensitive disagreements which may help to avoid war from rupturing.

Educating the younger generation through exposure about each other’s religion and culture will give a very positive feedback to community. Teaching them on how to respect each other religion is the key to keeping war at bay. The slight misunderstanding on religion base can create a devastating war when both side decided to take action against the other party. Education and Awareness Educating public and providing awareness campaign to magnify the effect of what war can do to human can help to prevent war. Nobody wanted to live life in the war zone and everybody wants to be treated fairly.

Provide knowledge and education to school children about the danger of war and the impact to themselves, family and community will encourage them to live peacefully. Using prominent figure like influence politician or public figure like celebrity will expose further on what war can do the human life. Involvement in Non-Governmental Organization By getting involved in humanitarian effort with the MONGO, one can help raise awareness and share story of what war zone do to country. Places like Palestine and Afghanistan have been involving in war for decades and the helping hand from MONGO makes a big difference to them.

The devastating impact to them and country is unimaginable and only can be felt by those who are unlucky enough to experience it. The war left physical and mental scars to them. Exposing their situation through MONGO will be an eye opener to world for war prevention. Curb Racial Profiling Racism is another reason for war to start. By curbing racism and treating everybody with equal amount of respect can make a different in community. Malaysia is a harmony with multi racial ethnicity live together peacefully. The recent incidences of racism issue need to tackle with care to avoid social tension.

Malaysia might go into war but the incidence on May 13 needs to be avoided to ensure the peaceful Malaysia. United States of America is always facing the issue of racism where some Caucasians and African Americans did not see eye to eye. Race is a very sensitive issue and by dealing with it properly, tension can be avoided. Summary Wars started decades ago and still and ongoing issue till now. There are many parties involve to stop and prevent it from happening. The devastating impact of war s unimaginable to those who is lucky enough not to be involved in it.

The physical and mental scar will be forever stay in the war victim. There will always be a reminder of the trauma they had gone through. Wars happen for various reasons and it always involve two unsatisfied party. There are actions that we can take to avoid and prevent war from happening and it will need supports from all level. Be it from leader to politician, citizens of even children. Awareness and early exposure to educate them about the bad and evil of wars will help keeping war at bay and the chance of war from happening can be reduced.

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