Vacation overload Assignment

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It is not a simple process, however, it is possible to successfully plan a vacation involving all the responsibilities of a Emily and obligations of being a full time student. Initially, it is always good to pinpoint a destination, availability of hotels, and financial capabilities ahead of time. Soon after all the research, phone calls, and online reservations are made, it is time to make the proper arrangements for the home and children. Currently they are attending school and will not be going on this vacation.

Luckily, in this case, they are either grown or teenagers, and can take care of themselves. The main goal, at this point, is to stock the house of the everyday living necessities, and the most important, groceries. Afterwards, it is time to talk to the adult children and nearby relatives about checking on the “teenagers” periodically, just to make sure there are no unwanted activities, or behaviors. That will also give you a chance to see the granddaddy before leaving.

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Meanwhile, we all know how teenagers are, it is time to start making notes to them about the everyday chores and tasks that are expected of them, while the parents are away. These will include, cleaning up after themselves, school work, taking care of the pets, going to bed on time, waking themselves up for school, and last, but not least, being nice to en another. In the meantime, take a moment to relax and breathe, it is time for college work. This is absolutely the most hectic and time consuming of the whole process, especially when there are five online classes being taken.

Start by choosing the class with the most assignments due the next week. This is where the sleepless nights might take place, considering each class requires several hours of tests, homework assignments, discussions, and essays. Subsequently, finish each assignment, then move through the subjects until you are finished. At last, this is all done and vacation day has arrived! Finally, pack the bags, load the car, kiss the children and puppies goodbye, and get on the road to relaxation.

In allowing plenty of time for making the appropriate arrangements and preparations it will leave little room for things to go awry. Be patient, thorough and cover the important areas that involve the care and safety of the ones that are being left at home. Be sure to finish all schoolwork prior to week Of the vacation, it won’t be fun working on it while on vacation.

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