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A product Is simple a good or service you going to sell to a particular market, your reduce can have both tangible and intangible aspects, and is the thing you offer to satisfy your customers’ wants and needs. Within this element, you need to consider things such as your product range, its quality and design, its features and the benefits It offers, sizing and packaging, and any add-on guarantees and customer service offerings. Selling your product online can be easy at time however information about your product has to be clear so customers can have a clear idea about what they are buying.

Lack of information online can lead to customers not satisfied about their product received. PRICE This Is most Important and crucial too successful business and should be considered very carefully when setting a price for a product or service. When pricing a product you should consider the target market. The reason for this is to ensure you do not over charge people. When selling your product online it is always cheaper and cost lest to store your product. The Internet has made It even much easier for business to keep track on their customer.

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For example a customer stays at your hotel regular, using the internet you are able to identify these customers. Promotion Promotion Is all about getting people to know about your product or services. There are many different promotional techniques. Promoting your product or services can be very easy due to different social media sites each with their own strengths but essentially. Promoting your product has been made easy through the internet. There are many deferent online sites you can use to promote your business. The more popular these sites are the more people will see and know about your business.

In this case the internet has made it not only easier but cheaper for business to promote their products. Place This is where your product or service is actually sold. Finding the right location can tell if a business Is going to be successful or not. Sometimes a change In place can lead to a rapid Increase In sales. You can sell your product from many different locations but getting the right place can be hard at times. Some businesses use direct selling, by sending their company representative out to deliver, meet and talk with the customers.

In each case, businesses must make the right choice about the very best location or place for the customer to receive essential buying Information n the product or service needed to make a buying decision. Some businesses customers have to order online and the company deliver your product to your home. Their product however online businesses have to ensure their web site is up to date and customer information is kept safe. People It is very important for every company to have the right people to supporting your company’s products or service.

Good customer service plays a major part in keeping your customers, who can provide support with clearly known expectations, such as hours of operation and average response time, is key to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. The internet has made it easy for businesses to keep track of their customers. Businesses store customers information on their system so existing customers do not have to go through the same process each time they want to buy a product online. Physical Evidence This refers to the way your product, service, and everything about your company, appears from the outside.

Before distribution the products/service needs to be at the correct size, shape and to be produce on time. The product or service also needs to be tested and updated when necessary. Products or services sold by your company deeds to be insured in case anyone suffers any harm from your product or services. Physical Evidence can also refer to the people within your company and how they dress and act. It can refer to how your office is set up, the professionalism of your staff, nice brochures, how you interact with your customer base, and every single visual element about your company.

Using the internet you can develop your product to the correct shape size and color, to have an actually idea of what a product will look like before it is been sold. Customers like to have and as much information bout a product before buying and using the internet this has been made very easy. Using online APS customers can know the actually size, color and shape before buying. Process The process is all about been able to run your business smoothly without any delays miss takes or anyone been left out. Remember to look at this from your customers’ point of view.

The process problems that are most annoying to a customer are those that are designed for the provider’s convenience, not the customer. Using the internet work has been made easier for businesses to carry out their daily activity. For businesses that do mostly delivery the internet can provide drivers with much shorter routes to travel which save a lot of time. The internet can also be used to make transactions and orders more quicker. Conclusion To conclude I have covered the seven As and explained how each one is used within businesses also how the internet has and impact on businesses.

In this assignment I will be focusing on three organizations, I will be explaining how these organization are developing their marketing efforts online. The three organizations I will be working with are Boots, NASH and Hackney community college. Sky Most business companies of today like Sky are pretty much depending on the internet and broadband services to market their business online to worldwide customers, website hosting and telecommunication however sky is one of UK biggest services.

Some of the service they provide include; Sky Broadband With Sky Fiber Unlimited, Sky Broadband Unlimited & Late, we’ll never slow your speeds down at peak times, no matter how much you use. This enables customers to catch up on what they have miss out during the time they were out, at work or even just busy doing something else. Sky Talk Keep in touch with your loved ones, no matter where they are with our award- winning call packages and low cost Sky Line Rental. Sky also uses the internet to provide customers with different calling plans. You can go on the company s website and create your own calling plan.

For example you could state how much minutes and data you would like each month and the website provide you with different prices you could pay monthly. Sky Wi-If Sky Broadband Unlimited, Connect or Fiber Unlimited customers can stay online, at no extra cost, in thousands of popular hotshots. This is one of the most used roadman buy customers, it enables customers to access the internet at any time when they are at home. Customers can watch HAD movies from in their couches at home. The sky Wi-If provides customers with different highly rated top movies and TV programs.

Boots Use of the internet One of the basic uses of the Internet for businesses is to sell products and services. Businesses create E-commerce websites to sell anything from cell phone contracts to books and CDC. Online selling eliminates the need for the business to maintain a brick-and-mortar store and in some cases they don’t have to hold an inventory. Boots organization has website that is used to advertising and sell products. The company also use Social networking sites to advertise products since it is used by a wider audience.

Social marketing, using sites like twitter and Backbone, are indirect way to market your company on the internet. As the internet continues to grow, new ways are constantly emerging and internet marketing should be an important part of a company’s marketing plan. Online prescription filling You can also use Boots website to fill prescription and other medical products. The company’s website also provides you with a customer review section where you can eve your comment and state ways of helping to improve customer service.

Online shopping You can perches products sold by boots online these product can also be tested to see what it looks like before buying. Products are delivered within a week after perches directly to the address provided when making the payment. Customer information Existing customers information are stored the company’s website to ensure it is kept safe and out of reach by unauthorized persons. This information is used to identify existing customers and to speed up the process of buying a product or filling a prescription.

Hackney community college uses the internet form many different reason however giving information is one of the main reason. HOC provide its student’s with information about different areas and some of which include; Courses available Hackney community provides students wishing to Join the college with information about courses available and requirement to Join. Some of these courses include HEN and foundation degree. Foundation degree The Foundation Degree is a vocational qualification in higher education, introduced by the government of the United Kingdom and it is offered in many government institutions.

Hackney community provides student with these information using the internet. Student can access this information using the internet weather inside or outside of the college these information are made available to the public. Student Finance TFH Student Oyster Card – free travel on buses for under 18 year olds and 30% discount on buses for over 19 year olds. To apply: 16-18 years old and over ass’s apply on-line at www. TFH. Gob. UK or go to the Registry, (ground floor G Block) to apply on-line there. 16- 19 Bursary the Discretionary Learner Support Fund, 16-19 Bursary scheme replaces the EMMA.

This is money the College will receive from the Government every year to help students in financial hardship with additional costs whilst studying. The bursary will be divided into two; a discretionary bursary of IEEE. O for eligible young people and a guaranteed bursary of up to El 200. 00 per year to students who are recognized as a vulnerable young people. These finances are provided to students of hackney community to ensure they are supported and encourage by the institution and government. Student Advice & Counseling Service Welfare advice Many students who come to college have to Juggle home life with studying.

Often students have problems with benefits, housing or other welfare issues. The Student Welfare Service is a confidential service staffed by experienced advisors, who provide impartial information, advice and advocacy on student welfare related matters. Types of advice include; Benefits, I. E. Jobsharers Allowance; Council Tax; Housing Benefit, Fee Assessments, Finance/Money Advice including Learner Support Funds, Immigration and Child care. The types of things done by HOC; Negotiating with authorities like the Department for Work and Pensions, Social services, the Home Office and Housing Associations.

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