The Influence of Internet on Business Assignment

The Influence of Internet on Business Assignment Words: 388

This assignment shows the Influence of internet on organizational buyer behavior. Firstly introduction: Introduction start with general definition about marketing, and then a will talk about the difference between consumer buyer behavior and organizational buyer behavior by comparing six points which are: meaning, buying decision-making, steps in the decision process, product knowledge, purchasing goals and buyers-suppliers contact.

And then this paper will talk about organizational buyer behavior and the factors which are influence organizational buyer behavior, external factors and internal actors External (environmental) factors: Regulatory and laws Changes, – Economic circumstances and Interest rate, Social Environment, Political and Competition. Internal factors (organizational) factors: Policies and Procedures in the organization, Organization’s Goals and Objectives, Technology, Manpower influence and Organizational Structure.

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Secondly the literature reviews: In this part of assignment this paper will discuss how technology which is internal factor (organizational) effect organizational buyer behavior and we will talk especially about internet and the effect of the Internet on organizational buyer behavior. In the iterature review there are the following topics: 1- The relationship between internet and business: how the technological revolution Improve business and organizations and how It’s Influence positively In business world 2- internet: in this part we will talk theoretically about the internet and the internet’s history.

The real begging of the internet was in 1992 with the famous (WW. V) which Is referred to World Wide Web. And It was created at European Laboratory for practical physics (CERN). And we will show the opinions of researches in internet and its effect (the space of internet was too large although there are a lot f people reject the Internet In the begging. But the commercial actlvltles invest the internet at the end and internet enters to the business world finally Cohn R. Hewitt, 1998) and other opinion from researches.

Thirdly Case study about (Liberduplex S. A) Company: 1- Overview about (Liberduplex S. A) Company: Liberduplex is a Spanish company specializes In Graphic Arts. Basic functions for this company are: Library Binding ; Edition Binding (hard and soft cover) and Offset printing (newspapers and books). This company still working from fifteen years, and its activities cover all Catalonia and around Catalonia and Its provide her customer with high quality products within keep in touch with customers.

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