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Pl Criteria- using the case studies provided write an explanation of how you would use principles and values when planning your clients care Introduction For the first part of this assignment I will be using principles of planning wealth care in health and social care with each client differently to benefit each clients care needs. Principles are guided lines to show how to carry out the best way of care for different service users and also to inform or guide staff members on the correct way to behave when carrying out care.

Case study 1- Tom is an elderly man who has been diagnosed with dementia. Tom is a sociable man who used to enjoy his career as an art teacher and has sold some of his paintings, he also enjoys being in the garden of the Independent living unit. Whenever possible he Likes to look after the plants In the containers on the patio and the Indoor plants positioned around the home. Tom shares the Independent living unit with two other people. There are full time careers that support the service users with their activities of daily living.

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Tom lacks the capacity to make informed decisions regarding his health and wellbeing. In collaboration with tom and his next of kin Staffs are able to devise a care plan that promotes his holistic wellbeing. The first principle I will be using is empowerment. In doing this it means that I will be giving each individual the correct amount of information to enable them to make informed decisions and also to make choices about their care needs and their life.

The way that I would use empowerment with tom would be giving him enough independence so that he would be able to make his own decisions , I would also be allowing tom to take responsibility for how he would Like to carry out his day such as at he wants to wear and also If he wants to make himself a drink or If he would want to help make the food then allow him to help out in doing this it ill help to build toms independence and also it will gradually help tom feel more respected and he will feel as if everyone around him has respect him.

As a staff member the main priority would be to help make sure that tom is happy about what is happening and also to include tom on decisions. One way that would make sure tom was included would be when making toms care plan and the staff could include him by asking him if what as in the plan was okay for hi or if he wanted anything changing within it to make sure that he felt as if he was involved or if he had a say In It.

I would also support tom’s preferences and would recognize his preferences In doing this It would mean that I would be asking tom what he would want to happen and In doing this It would give him some Independence. Showing tom that I am supporting his preference would be me allowing tom to continue to look after the plants indoors everyone else who was in the unit with him. In meeting tom’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs means that when leaning his care plan we will need to talk into account his physical needs such as if He needs to exercise.

Intellectually we would need to figure out how to build up his memory even though tom suffers with dementia this is no excuse to leave this set of needs out. Socially we could invite other members of the unit to Join in with the permission of tom with helping him in the gardening. Looking at the emotional needs for tom a lot of people with dementia have trouble expressing their feelings which normally results in frustration in this situation you would need to take into account hat tom is an individual and depending on how you react to this will be personal to him.

Due to his dementia arranging social outings may be difficult as he could forget where he is and what was planned in doing this he may get frustrated and could lash out. But instead we could encourage tom to take part in activities in small groups with other service users in the unit this will also help with toms intellectual needs as well in doing this it would also help hi to socialism with the other members in the unit, it will help tom to become friends with the service users and ill also build trust tit them.

Emotionally e could ask toms family to visit 2-3 ties a week in doing this it will help tom to see the progress within his family and it will also build his social needs to as he will be interacting with different groups of people and conversation will also change. Staff members could ask tom how he is feeling and how he feels about his activities this would give tom someone to talk to if he was having a bad day and it would help him to trust others with tom telling the staff how he is feeling it may also give them an incite to how he would like to be treat and also how they could make his ATA more enjoyable . N inviting his family around it will give him something to look forward to even if tom wasn’t in the best of moods during the week reminding him that his family are coming to visit him Taking his physical needs into account we would need to make sure that tom would be taking his medication at the right times and making sure that he actually takes them due to his dementia he may forget that he needs to take any sort of medication, to make sure that tom is taking all of his necessary medication I would suggest that a member of staff supervises him.

Working in partnership would mean that staff would be working towards contribution off the support that tom would need.

Working with his family, gap’s and the current careers working within the independent living unit the staff would also be working with tom, in doing this it would mean that we would sit down with tom and his family as well as other health care professionals and making a care plan for him that would care plan that has been made for him is important as his family would need to check if what was in the care plan was best for him and would be the best way to carry out is care needs it is important that tom is included in making decisions for his care plan as he may have suggestion and including him would make him feel valued and respected.

Carrying out holistic care means looking at the whole care of the individual and focusing mainly on them in doing this it means that the staff would be focusing mainly on tom in doing this it would mean that tom would feel more valued because the staff members would have more time to carry out his care and it would also mean that his care needs would be carried out fully, they would be focusing on his dedication needs, and they would be focusing on dietary and exercise needs Just because tom has dementia does not mean that he shouldn’t exercise if tom did not exercise it may mean that he would become unhealthy and his health would also deteriorate. They should also take into account his past and current hobbies in doing this it would show that the staff where paying attention to him. Case study 2 Sue is a 43 year old woman who has had a stroke. She lives in oak ridge care home.

She has lost the use of her right arm and leg she has difficulty speaking clearly. Fortunately sue is left handed. Sue is an intelligent woman who until she had her stroke ran her own business and had 23 employed people. Sue likes to listen to music and socialism with other residents in the home. She especially enjoys craft sessions as she used to complete cross stitch embroidery as a hobby Sue is also taking part in physiotherapy to help strengthen her right arm and has learnt to use a walking stick for support, she also has speech therapy. Since sue has had her stroke I believe that her physical needs have lowered but are still quite high due to her stroke.

I would then promote sues needs rights and choices by giving sue anything that she had requested such as something specific within her care plan. I would also need to respect sues opinion in doing this it would build trust and also start to build a good relationship, it would also help sue to feel respected and it may also build her confidence as well. Also respecting sues privacy when she wants it is important as she may feel disrespected if a staff member didn’t allow her any privacy. Allowing sue to chose activities which she wants to take part in would build her independence another way that would show staff would be respecting her references is by allowing her to choose what she would want to wear or if she would want to go out somewhere asking her where she should want to go .

My next principle is confidentiality, maintaining confidentiality wit sue is important to make sure that sue trusts you if sue did not trust the staff then it may make it difficult to carry out her care needs. By maintaining sues confidentiality it would mean that if sue had confided in you and said that she does not feel happy or if it was something that may cause concern or could cause harm to sue then this is the only time that his could break the trust between sue and the career. If sue had told you something that may concern you FRR her safety then you would need to alert a higher member of staff and her family to make sure that she is kept safe and out of danger .

When planning sues heath care plan her family should also be involved as well as other health care professionals such as physiotherapists, speech therapists it is important to involve other health care professionals with sues case study because there are many ways that would help so return to how she was before she had her trope, in her care plan there would need to be some sort of routine that would regularly have physiotherapy and speech therapy in it having regular sessions would make sues development of speech a lot quicker and also regular physiotherapy sessions will help her to develop the feeling back in bother her arm and leg in doing this it will boost her confidence and self esteem. To support sues values and cultures the staff should let her do things that she enjoys even if the staff members do not agree.

Listening to sues lifestyle and how she looks at things is important to know exactly how to treat her, allowing sue to socialism with there residents and take part in her hobbies will show sue that you respect her and also will also build up trust and it ill give the staff members a wider range of knowledge about sues views and how she lives her life. If sue was quite a religious person and prayed quite a lot then a staff member could assign certain times through the day or even night where she could have some alone time and some privacy to carry out her prayers and anything else that she needed to do, if the staff did not allow sue to carry out her religious practices then they would be discriminating against her and this would be unprofessional

Supporting sues preferences is also important as it is what she wants. Respecting sues preferences would mean allowing her to listen to the music which she wanted at a reasonable time and also volume, to help with this you could by sue a music player that was for sues use only this would help sue to feel respected, valued and also independent. Sue also likes socializing so she could ask a few of the other service users in the home that she is friendly with to sit and have dinner with her in a small group , some of the other service users have similar health issues so with sue Ewing friends with them means that she has someone that she could relate to.

With sues hobbies are most loved hobby is cross stitch embroidery , if sue wanted to she could set up a little group activity for herself and some of the other service users , the only issue with this is that it may need two hands to take part in this hobby if sue sees that other service users are capable of doing the activity but she is not so capable then she may get upset and frustrated resulting in her being also gives her more of the independence and if she sees sue struggling she could hen ask sue if she would like any help and if she says yes then continue to help but if she says no then respect her wishes and allow her to continue by herself. The type of care that sue is receiving is holistic care , holistic care means that the staff look at the whole care for sue such as exercise dietary needs etc having holistic care means that the staff will be able to focus mainly on sue and will take more time to plan her care plan making sure that sue is involved to make her feel valued they could suggest some care ways which they think would be best for her and sue could ay if she agrees and also have some input on what she wants.

Ml- review benefits to the individuals and professional staff or taking a holistic approach to planning support. Health and social care is about making the best decisions to improve the service user’s care. Within this I will be writing a review on how multi agency working within health and social care and also the holistic care approach benefits certain service user’s care needs I think that the benefit of a individual choosing the holistic care approach is that it is more focused on them and no one else, their care needs are concentrated on more of hat they need and also want.. With tom and sue both living in independent living or being there it helps them to socialism with other residents that live there with them.

With other service users living in the same buildings as them it will also help them to build a relationship with the other residents and this will then help them to feel as if they aren’t alone and it will also give them a higher self esteem and confidence. In sues case with her speech being limited with holistic care she would be getting regular speech therapy and this would be in with her care plan if she sits down with member of staff and organisms a meeting here they can discuss or write down what sue may want then if speech therapy was to become part of the routine care plan then the speech lessons would be a lot more regular and the more times that these sessions occur the quicker that sues speech and communication skills will improve by doing this it will help build sues confidence to communicate with others without feeling embarrassed about her speech skills.

With the careers taking the holistic care approach getting an advocate for each service user, if say a service user was UN happy with the care that they were receiving or ere Just feeling bait down or even they felt as if they aren’t being understood by the career then they would be able to talk to the advocate and then the advocate would take each problem into consideration and would try and solve it straight away, service users means that they have someone to talk to if they ever feel alone in doing this and having an advocate in place it will make them more confident and also in social situations. With careers following the holistic approach for each service user they are taking into consideration the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and also language needs of he individual, each health and social care professional taking each specific need into account this enables them to carry out the best care for the individual service user each need will be different for all service users as each service user has diverse care needs.

When the holistic care approach looks at physical needs it looks at thing such as medication how much of a certain medication an individual needs to take per day and also sometimes whether or not they could ease the service user off of the medication to possibly improve their health , they would also look at dietary and exercise needs to , when looking at the dietary needs they would take into consideration whether they are vegetarian or if their religion only eat specific foods at certain times. Coming to the exercise needs wouldn’t always be looking at if they need to lose any weight but it would also be looking at whether or not their fitness is at a good point and if not then an exercise plan would be made to help improve their fitness Just by doing small little exercises during the day.

Intellectually the service users would also improve , taking part in activities such as eating and also taking part in puzzles and crosswords, this will intellectually stimulate them and will be training their mind and will give them many intellectual skills such as problem solving , they will also start to take into account when they need to take their medication as well as how much they need to take and what they need to take. The holistic approach also shows progress and capability of the service user , if each individual was to follow the holistic approach to care then it will make them feel more confident, valued and also loved they may also feel happier about their self if they e improvement with their self.

With the holistic care approach it helps the individual feel more free and valued , to be able to do hat they would like to instead of being told what to do they are also able to do it when they want and not feel as if they are being controlled this will give each service user freedom. Each career using the holistic approach will feel as if they can allow the service user approach it means that all legislations and procedures are in place to help the careers make sure that careers can carry out their Job as best they can, it will also mean that hey will build trust with service users that they are supporting and also looking after. They ill have a sense of pride knowing that they have helped the service user.

When the holistic approach works with multi- agencies this will improve the level at which the individuals care and health improves helping service users using various care professionals can help physically as well as emotionally and socially. It will help each individual emotionally would be to talk to an advocate if they were having any problems or maybe a gap. Physically their fitness improves and in this happening it ill make them more confident. Socially with the physical and emotional needs tied in within the social part it will give them confident and will raise their self esteem so that when they are in small social groups they will have the confident to speak without feeling embarrassed. ODL- analyses reasons for working with professionals from more than one agency when planning support for individuals . Multi disciplinary team- a team of professionals drawn from a range of disciplines or services, e. G health care, education and social services, all working together towards a common goal” (stretch and Whitehorse 2010) When working within health and social care there are plenty of care professions That can help the individuals care needs to improve such as GAPS, social workers, nurses, doctors etc. Professionals working in health and social care involve other members form different organizations so that they can give the service user the best care that the service user’s needs. It will benefit the service user as it will build strong relationships with their care provider.

If a service user has any problems that they are concerned about then they would be able to talk to them about it I believe that if this was to happen and they only had a nurse to talk to then they may not open up as much as they would if it was someone else such as an advocate or a counselor. This would pick up on issues much quicker to solve the problem at hand. An example could be if you had worked with a certain service user for a number of months and they were always cheery and smiling but one day when you went to carry out their care needs and noticed that they weren’t their self and also that they were UN happy then this would cause you to have concerns about the individual.

As a staff member seeing this then I would suggest that staff member asks the service user what is the tater if it is something that is serious I would then need to inform other members unit. In doing this it would then build a greater trust with them, but if the situation was serious the staff member would need to tell the service user that she may need to break confidentiality as it could potentially cause harm to her and others around her , in doing this it may break a little of the trust but in turn it would also help to protect them from harm and in the long run it would mean that the relationship would be better. Another reason that multi professionals work together with an individual because it ivies the individual more support than what it would if they had one care worker working with the individual.

It will benefit the service user because all health care professionals working with one individual will be able to focus more on that individual and will be able to use more resources to help with the service users care needs within their care plan. It will also help each individual to overcome each health issue that they have. Having more than one health and social care professional working with an individual will help speed up their care and health needs it will help them to get back to normal ay to day life and will also help boost confidence and self-esteem having other service users encouraging them will make them want to help their self. The last reason that I think working with multi agency practices is beneficial for an individual is because each professional will be working to help develop each of the service users different needs which need to be developed.

When each professional doing this will help speed up the quickness of improving the individual’s health. If the individual only had one health worker providing their specific care needs it may aka a longer period of time for the individual to become well again, if the service user feels as if they are getting no further along in their progress they may want to give up and may become depressed in turn meaning that their health would not improve. But working with numerous health professionals would mean that progress would develop quicker making the individual a lot happier and confident. Staffs from multi agency groups have different skills which they could put in place to help with the care needs of the individual.

This would be both beneficial to the staff and also the service user. It would be beneficial to the staff as it would give them a wider knowledge of different care techniques meaning that they would be able to put into practice when caring for an individual, for the service user the health and other specific needs would be fulfilled and it would mean that it would get them back on track to becoming healthy again and confident when socially interacting with other individuals. It would also mean that some of the health professionals would have more experience meaning that the techniques that they had learned and have shared would be more likely to work.

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