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Unit 10 Assignment 1 Dominic Vogel 1 – None, FTP only makes necessary changes for compatibility. 2 – This file will be corrupted, resulting in a program that will not executable. 3 – When you would download a public file. 4 – You would enter the following command on the command line n /etc/vested/ vested. Cone: local_enable=NO 5 – SIFT is secure whereas FTP is not. 6 – The CD command changes the remote working directory; and the LCD command changes the local working directory. 7 – The server has blocked that port. An administrator may have disabled that port. – Running vested in the horror makes it a lot more unlikely that a malicious user can exploit the system. VESTED does not run as root by itself, if ran in just root a user may still be able to exploit the system where as using cheroot is harder for a malicious user to exploit the system. 9 – You could use Free MAD Checksum or Hashing Software 10 – To configure vested to run through exigent, set listen=NO in /etc/vested/ vested. Cone, and create a exigent configuration file for vested in /etc/exigent. D. Chapter 26 Exercises 1 10 1 – Documentary “/USSR/local/YMMV” and Using these resources unnecessarily could result in pages being unavailable when the system load is high. 9- You can set up a named virtual server and set the document root for mail. Example. Com to be IVR/ www/website. Then you can set another virtual server for example. Com and set the document root for that to e. G. /vary/move/HTML. 10 – First you would set the following in HTTPD. Cone: Order deny,allow Deny from all Allow from 192. 168.

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