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BMHR N360 Training and Development Assignment #1 Al Ain Distribution Company Table of Contents Introduction3 Company Profile4 Job Details5 Job Title5 Statement Of Functions5 Job Description and Duties5 Work Performed5 Work Relations & Contacts7 Accountability For Actions & Impacts7 Job specification (qualification)8 Opinion8 How does this job fit with the company? 8 How this job does fits in the UAE needs? 8 Conclusion9 Reference10 Introduction This course is BMHR N360-Training and Development, and our teacher ask us to do an individual assignment that about finding the role of a training and development professional in the UAE.

Moreover, I did an interview with Senior Training Officer, Mr. Ahmed Al Dhaheri and we had talking about job details, job title, job description and duties, job qualification and my opinion on how this job fits with the organization and how it fits in the UAE needs. Company Profile Al Ain Distribution Company (AADC) is a public joint stock company registered and incorporated in the United Arab Emirates under Law No 2 of 1998 on 1 January 1999 with Head Office at Al Ain. AADC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority with a fully paid capital of AED Billion 1,530,000,000, linked to http://www. adc. ae/ENGLISH/EN-T1-About. html. Furthermore, they are the only one who is distributing water and electricity for Eastern Region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (Al Ain city and its nearby areas). Moreover, by the end of year 2008, the number of AADC employees was more than 1900 and they provide services approximately for one half million people and that includes services to provide water and electricity, ownership, meter reading operation and maintenance of the water and electricity distribution network assets. AADC has achieved: ADAEP (Abu Dhabi AWARD for Excellence in Government Performance) for the best Technical Project. *  OHSAS 18001 certification. * HSE ISO 14001. * ISO 9001: 2000 quality certification in 2004 for its operations. * SKEA 9Shaikh Khalifah Excellence AWARD. Job Details Job Title * Job Title: Senior Training Officer * Section: Manpower and Planning Development * ADWEA Group Company: Al Ain Distribution Company * Department: Human Resource Statement of Functions Co-ordinates and organizes AADC’s staff training and development activities to ensure that staff performance is up to AADC’s prospective standards.

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Job Description and Duties Work Performed * Reviews training programs of ADWEA Academy at the beginning of each year and dispatches emails to concerned departments to ensure their awareness of relevant programs and training policies. * Ensures staff registration for the appropriate programs related to their respective fields and positions and initiates all administrative procedures to complete registrations. * Raises staff training requests to HR Management for approval and forwards requests to ADWEA Academy accordingly. Oversees training fee payments. Attends to managerial requests for external trainings designed to provide specific and on-job training and arranges them if approved by management. * Follows up on the approved training plans as well as reviews the attendance sheet employees and updates the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) accordingly. Investigates staff absence and oversees their participation rate to ensure that all employees have attended enough training programs per year as per AADC policies. Oversees the replacement of absent employees if possible. Prepares reports of statistics of attended programs and number of employees that have participated for management’s reference. * Attends to all staff queries regarding training programs and advises them on methods of applying. * Dispatches Evaluation forms to obtain employees’ feedback about training programs attended immediately after completion of programs and dispatches the same to employees’ supervisors after 3 months of completing the programs to assess the importance and impact of different programs.

Analyzes feedback and prepares reports and own comments and recommendations for the reference of AADC’s Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director and ADWEA aiming at continuous improvement of training programs. * Discusses and prepares an Annual action plan, related to training and development, with the Head of Manpower and planning development section covering matters such as weaknesses of current system, suggestions and overall training objectives of AADC. Gathers/ prepares data concerning number of employees in AADC, their grades, costs of training programs, number of training days, nationalities of employees and other information to calculate the budget required for the training programs in accordance to ADWEA Academy’s policies. * Oversees applications of Interns and coordinates with their universities to bring them into AADC. Coordinates with line managers to accommodate and evaluate interns as well as issues ‘Training Certificates’ to them. * Supervises the work of Assistant Training Officer. Work Relations ; Contacts Regular contact with Assistant Training Officer to give work directions and receive feedback. * Regular contact with the Head of Manpower and Planning section to receive work directions and give feedback and reports. * Coordinates with all AADC departments to inform them of different training programs and oversee their participation. * In contact with ADWEA Academy to receive training program schedules and give feedback and comments on completed programs. * Regular contact with all AADC employees and their supervisors to oversee their attendance in training programs and receive their feedback. Annual contact with Finance department to discuss training budget. * Occasional contact with Universities, colleges and trainees to invite and approve student internships in AADC as well as issue ‘Training Certificates’ for them. Accountability for Actions ; Impacts * Improving the training plan and programs of all AADC employees. * Preparation of AADC’s annual training program and plan. * Proper implementation of training plan. * Reports to: Head of Manpower and Planning Section. * Financial Dimensions: Prepares Training Budget.

Job specification (Qualification) * Completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Administration, Human Resources or related field. * 5 years of experience out of which 2 years in training department or relevant role. * Good communication and leadership skills. * PC. Literacy: MS. Office. * Very good spoken ; written Arabic and English. Opinion How does this job fit with the company? It dose fit the company by Increased productivity, reduced employee turnover, whenever it low was good for the company.

Also, strengthen the company by putting the employees update with the new technologies, building a more effective, efficient and highly motivated team which improves employee morale and enhances the company’s competitive position. Moreover, provide adequate replacements for employees who may move up or leave in the organization. How this job does fits in the UAE needs? They are the best water and electricity distribution companies, distribute water and electricity in a secure, reliable, safe, cost-effective manner and environmentally responsible, ensure that they provide a highest levels of quality and excellence.

In addition, satisfy UAE customer needs and ensuring that all business actions are driven by their needs. Their Excellence “Strive to achieve the highest possible standards in day-to-day work and in the quality of the outcomes provided”. Linked to http://www. aadc. ae/ENGLISH/EN-T2-mission. html Conclusion In this assignment I learned that HR-Training and Development major is not easy and it really requires high qualifications. Furthermore, I knew more and more about this job such as nature of the organization, job description and duties and job requirements.

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