Touching The Void Assignment

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My heart pounded as I made my way upwards. A mixture of sand and debris whirled in front of me like an impenetrable sheet of darkness. I blinked my eyes but only succeeded in making my vision more blurry. Tired and weary, I sat down longing for a glass of water to bring solace to my parched lips, but in vain. Suddenly, I heard a motor in the distance. I Jumped to my feet, forgetting how tired I was. That sound, was only and could be only the sound of a rescue helicopter. I quickly tore of my shirt and taking my cigarette lighter set it on fire.

It was my only way of attracting their attention. As the flame burnt closer to my fingertips, I wondered would I ever get out of here alive or would I be left as a skeleton left in the dust, lost and forgotten. My name is Sally Debtor, and I am a Journalist at the “Winston” Newspaper. My main job is to capture the disastrous aspects of any occurrence, and therefore I am mostly required to go to war zones and areas where natural disasters have occurred. One day, my boss, the chief editor asked me to meet her, urgently.

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Since I was used to these abrupt meetings, I did not think much of it. Whistling gaily, I walked into her office with an air of -? I sat down on one of the old, cracked and worn out chairs and waited patiently. Soon enough I heard the flurry of footsteps, and my boss entered accompanied by an elderly man. A look of perplexity crossed my face as I hurriedly got up, as I was sure I recognized that face. My boss gave me a warm smile as she introduced me to our guest, “Sally this is Mr.. Afraid.

Alkalis, the President of Saudi Arabia. ” That was when it hit me, I had seen this man on the newscast about the war and drought in Saudi Arabia, and that was also when I realized, that this time y Journalism assignment was not going to be the simple task I had first thought it to be. Looking up I realized I was expected to give an answer, I quickly extended my hand and with a warm smile replied, “Well, Mr. Afraid it is nice to meet you and please don’t hesitate to ask for help if need be! He smiled confidently and said, “My country fate is now in your hands, please portray it as it is and do not exaggerate for we are counting on the aid we will receive after you publish your story. ” My boss then proceeded to give me a brief idea on what I was expected to cover during the allowing week, and even gave me a few warnings about what I should and should not do. As I walked out of the building, my mind was in a whirl, I could not believe the story that I was to cover.

I basically had to go to the heart of the war in Saudi Arabia and get live videos on how people were suffering and the effects of the war. I was also required to wear a Burma while I was there. One of the main things troubling my mind was the fact that I had to carry weapons preferably two pistols and a rifle while I was there. I wondered, someone like me who couldn’t even aim a dart properly, was o carry three guns, I fervently hoped that I would not have to use them.

Since I had to face the reality of the situation, I spent the next few days, bidding goodbye to my family and telling them that death was not a bad thing but liberation of the soul. I even drafted my will, making sure the little I had was to be shared equally among the ones I loved. As the day dawned nearer we constantly had visitors, who had come to bid me their last goodbyes. My mother had even started planning on the type of burial I was to receive, soon enough I felt that I would rather go to Saudi Arabia than stay in that gloomy atmosphere.

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