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Organizational Analysis Organizational Analysis we analyses that what are the objectives and goals of university and mainly we focus on that either university is devoted resources for training. We come to know that university will devote resources for training. Task analysis There are following steps for conducting task analysis. 1) We are analyzing Academic Performance 2) List of the tasks in academic performance

Projects Assignments Lectures Presentations Daily go through the lectures Memorize the lectures 3) Validate the list 4) identify the knowledge, skills required for perform these tasks Knowledge about topics Know how to access the data How to analyses the data ( analytical skills) Skills to use MS office Concentrate on studies Time management Confidence Person Analysis Person Analysis is used to know whether deficiencies is in Ass’s (knowledge, skills, and abilities) or in motivation or work design.

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There is a process which s used in person analysis to identify the factors that influence the person’s learning. Characteristics; as concerning the course of training and development performance is low because there is lack of basic skills due to their educational background of engineering and finance so they don’t have normal understanding of human resource. Input; if any assignment or project given to them they can’t do it properly because they don’t know how to do it. Output; their expectation of learning is high they perceived if they get training they will perform better

Consequences; they know if they work hard they will get high reward. Feedback; there is in-adequate feedback process as they do some assignment they don’t know either they did it right or not. Output Training needs 1. Basics skills are low that can be enhance by training. 2. Input is low as they don’t know how to do the assigned work. This can be entertained by giving demos or by hand-on trainings. Non-training needs 1 In-adequate feedback that can be resolved by giving proper detailed feedback about the work which previously done.

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