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It can lead you quicker to your goals, help tit reminder events and keep you motivated. 2. Why is downtown me important in your schedule? Downtime is important in your schedule because everyone needs that in their life. It will refresh you and improve your productivity when you get back on task. Being busy all day can cause stress, therefore all you need is an hour or more to just breathe and relax. Be sure to squeeze a little downtime into your schedule that way you can accomplish all your tasks with no problem and worry free. 3.

Why do people procrastinate? Give at least three reasons. It’s human, and common for busy students, to leave difficult tasks until later. Procrastination can develop into a habit that causes serious problems. The first reason in why people procrastinate is because of perfection. In other words the perfectionist procrastinator thinks that not trying is better than an attempt that falls short or perfection. Another reason people procrastinate is the fear of limitations, for example people try to avoid the truth about what he or she can achieve.

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Last is being unsure of the next step. When a procrastinator is unsure of the next step he or she may get stuck and does not know what to do next, sometimes it just seems easier to procrastinate on hat task rather than jump into the next level. Essays 1 . What are your current stresses? Identify your top three and place them in order of most stressful to least. Describe your plan to deal with these top three stresses. Be specific. As a college student, a full-time mother, and working full time find it difficult to manage all three.

One of my biggest stresses is working full-time, trying to provide enough shelter and food on the table for my son. Managing work and school is a huge stresses, for example trying to maintain good grades and do my homework and assignments on top of worrying if have enough money or next month’s rent. At times this task can be very stressful because it’s not only your future and your life, it’s also the little one you brought into this worlds future. The last thing I find can be stressful is being a full-time mother and managing the house, bills, daycare, and the kids.

Not all the time do children listen, especially when you are trying to clean the house in enough time to were you have time to do homework, wash clothes, give the child a bath and lay him or her down to sleep. How plan to manage my stresses is to take a breather. Manage my time a title better, and give myself some me time. Plan to keep a daily planner and write down everything that needs to get done that day. Another way can manage my tasks is to spread some of my chores out, like the clothes and dishes and so on.

The last but not least way I plan to manage my stresses is to get a little more help around the house. Give me less chores to do, this way can manage my time and get things down in an ordinarily fashion with no stress. 2. What academic goal have you set for yourself this term? Describe two short-term goals that will help you achieve you goal. Show how these short- term goals support the larger goal. Everyone has a goal in life, even young kids have hopes and dreams for their future. The academic goal I set for myself this term is to accomplish As and Bi’s, this way I can manage to test out of some of my classes.

A short-term goal that will help me achieve this task will be to study more, pay more attention in college, rather than I did in high school, and be more open minded to learning new things. This short-term goal will help me achieve my long-term goal because I will be more positive and want to do more due to the fact I am accomplishing my long-term goal in succeeding in a career. If I Stay focused and ask for help when needed and participate with the crowd more, than I know I can achieve my short-term and long-term goal. 3. List your top three core values.

First, discuss the main influences on these values. Second, describe how they affect how you set and achieve academic goals. Loyalty would be my first choice of a core value. To be loyal you have to be committed to goals and anything you put your mind to. Loyalty affects how I set and achieve my goals because I need to be loyal to myself to accomplish he goal I want in life, for instance graduating in a professional field and making a better living for my family. I believe to accomplish things in life you need to be committed.

Friendship would be second on the list Of core values of mine. Friendship consists of respect, trust, honesty, loyalty, and faith in one. This affects how I set and achieve my goals because you should only keep those friends around who believe in you, trust and have faith in you that you can succeed in any dreams you have. So I managed to keep the friendship I have with very few of my friends because they believe in me and purport me in anything I do. They keep me positive in life and encourage me. Finally, loving would be my last core values.

I believe loving someone or something is a great value. It’s a great feeling to know that you have loving family and friends around you. Throughout my whole life I have always been a loving person, open- hearted and willing to help with anything. Throughout these 23 years of my life, as I get older notice when you give love, love will return. This is a great values to have and experience to meet any dreams you desire because you will go on knowing you have people loving you, purporting you, and encouraging you to push harder to achieve those dreams. . Describe an area in your life in which you tend to procrastinate. What do you plan to overcome this problem? An area I tend to procrastinate in is school. After I graduated high school I procrastinated and took about 5 years off before returning to school. When it comes to school am not too thrilled and tend to procrastinate on homework and assignments. In order to overcome this procrastination am going to put my mind in the book and just keep telling myself that this is all or a better future for myself and my son. M going to put everything else aside and focus more on achieving my goals in life. My son is my motivation in life to accomplish anything that need to accomplish to make him have a better life growing up and also a better future. Word Exploration Define the Spanish word passe (pass-eh-o). What does this word mean to you? How does it apply to your life? This Spanish word Passe refers to a relaxed late afternoon walk outdoor. To me, this word means a great advice for stressful people to just sit back and relax.

This applies to my life because when I start thinking too much, and take on too many tasks, someone always says “whoa, relax, take a breather and calm down”. I feel that sometimes my mind encounters to much at one time, and at that moment is when I need to take a passe moment. Everyone should squeeze in a passe moment in their life. Case Exploration Discuss how Devon demonstrated successful intelligence in managing her time and responsibilities. In your answer, describe her problem and show how she used analytical, creative, and practical intelligence to solve it.

Devon demonstrated her successful intelligence in managing her time and responsibilities by solving her problems. Devon made it to the next meeting feeling more committed, and found time to trade babysitting schedules with a group member. She used analytical thinking when she noticed her life schedule seemed to be too busy. As she spoke with her instructor, she used creative thinking to attend her class meeting and learned a lot from it. Now her practical thinking comes in, where Devon found a solution to commit to her project and have someone help with her nephew.

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