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Self-Evaluation Time-management skills are critical to academic and personal success. Conducting an informal observation and evaluation of your time management skills may provide insight into how and when you use time effectively. When you identify priorities, you can make appropriate changes to be a more effective time manager. Answer these questions in 75 to 100 words each: How do you establish priorities? I establish priorities by what is due the soonest.

If a due date is the same for two assignments, then I work on the one I think I will have the most difficulty with first. In my personal life, I prioritize a little differently. My children’s doctor, therapy, or dental appointments take priority over everything else. The house cleaning generally gets put on the back-burner when other things come up. We obviously need to have clean clothes and need to eat, so those are things I have to take care of; however, vacuuming every day is not something that has to be done. Who makes up your support group?

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My support group consists of my husband, parents, roommate, and children. My husband helps around the house so I am to concentrate more on school. My mom as offered to come over to watch my son so I am able to get homework done, and my roommate has offered to watch him as well. My oldest son has been willing to take care of the youngest one once in a while so I can catch up on reading. Both my oldest son and husband help out with things around the house like dishes, laundry, vacuuming, cleaning, and cooking. What is your backup plan in case your computer goes down?

I have not implemented this yet, but need to do so. My thought is to save all of my school work on Google Drive or transfer all of my files to a memory stick. My imputer is not set up to back up anywhere, but I really need to change that before something happens with it. We have a second laptop now, so I wonder if there is a way I can set them up on the network so mine can back up to the other one. How do you keep track of our assignments and due dates? I keep the syllabus for each class next to where I do most of my reading and computer work and refer to them often.

I also add the assignments to my daily to-do list and cross them off as I complete them. If I complete an assignment or quiz early and turn them in, then they are crossed off ahead of time and that frees up time for there things. If I only complete the assignment or quiz, but have not turned it in, then I change what my list says to reflect I Just need to submit it. Part 2: Log Resource: Appendix G Keep a time management log for 2 days by recording the days activities in Appendix G. You must record 12 to 16 hours for each day, along with comments.

Be specific about your actions. Associate Level Material Appendix G Time Management Log Day 1 Name: Beth (Elizabeth) Williams Date: July 8, 2013 Time Activities Comments or Observations 12:00 a. M. Sleeping 12:30 a. M. 1:00 a. M. 1:30 a. M. 2:00 a. M. 2:30 a. M. 3:00 a. M. 3:30 a. . 4:00 a. M. 4:30 a. M. 5:00 a. M. 5:30 a. M. First alarm went off Turned off alarm and went back to sleep 6:00 a. M. Second alarm went off Turned off alarm, laid in bed for a few minutes, and then got up and took a shower 6:30 a. M.

Made coffee, paid bills, check COOP site, browsed Internet Spent time reviewing and paying bills, looking at assignments for both my classes, reviewed Sq for both classes, and caught up on Backbone. 7:00 a. M. 7:30 a. M. 8:00 a. M. Made second cup of coffee Watched TV with son until therapist arrived and enjoyed coffee 8:30 a. M. Therapy for son Infant Development Specialist teacher) – ran late getting here, so therapy went longer than usual. 9:00 a. M. 9:30 a. M. 10:00 a. M. Breakfast Reading/glasswork/Sq Answered Q for TEETH/125 Read part of Chapter 15 for TEETH/125 10:30 a. M. 11:00 a. M. 1:AMA Fed son Offered about mall of Pedicure 1. 5 POP 11:30 a. M. Other Assignments Read more of Chapter 15 for TEETH/125 Answered Questions 1-24 on Week Seven Quiz for TEETH/125 Started Assignment for GENII 05 12:00 p. M. 12:30 p. M. 1:00 p. M. 1 p. M. 2:00 p. M. 2:30 p. M. 2:45 Left to do errands Paid PIG, deposited check, Walgreen, Cost, Calming, S-mart, Cutbacks 3:00 p. M. 3:30 p. M. 4:00 p. . 4:30 p. M. 5:00 p. M. Computer time Reviewed feedback for TEETH/125 week six, read classmates’ Q responses for TEETH/125 & GENII 05, played games online to unwind 5:30 p. M. 6:00 p. M. 6:30 p. M. 7:00 p. M.

Cooked dinner Browned ground turkey for taco salad, cut corn off cob, rinsed kidney and garbanzo beans 7:30 p. M. Ate dinner 8:00 p. M. Gave son meds Erythrocytes via g-tube, Cortez and Pertain POP and Felonies via nose spray 8:30 p. M. Watched TV and surf Internet Watched whatever husband put on, catch up on Backbone, etc 9:00 p. M. 9:30 p. M. Prepared for bed Changed son’s diaper, clean stoma, changed dressing, applied med to stoma, hooked up feed tube, filled feeding bag & primed line 10:00 p. M. Bed time Connected feeding tube to feeding bag, set rate and dose, made sure no kinks in lines, started feed 10:30 p. . El:o p. M. 11:30 p. M. Day 2 Date: July 9, 2013 12:00 a. M. 1 a. M. 5:30 a. M. 6:00 a. M. Sleeping 5:AMA First Alarm went off Second Alarm went off Snoozed alarm 6:AMA Got up Snoozed Alarm Out of bed to get ready, get dressed, brush teeth, take vitamins and meds, etc. 6:30 a. M. Make coffee and computer time Checked email, checked COOP site, checked bank, AS’, and child support accounts 7:00 a. . Get son up Woke up son to unhook him from feed, changed diaper, flushed line, changed dressing, got him dressed 7:30 a. M. :AMA Go to TO Therapy at Sensory Processing Clinic – ICP 8:00 a. M. 8:30 a. M. 9:00 a. M. Buy Bagels Went to Nosh’s Bagels, ran into cousin and talked for a while, drove home 9:30 a. M. Home Talked to husband and son when we got home, called my mom to tell her about seeing our cousin 10:00 a. M. Breakfast Ate toasted a bagel with peanut butter 10:30 a. M. Computer time Change Diaper Checked Backbone, checked COOP to see if TEETH/125 grade has been erected, checked email, sent husband email about movies to rent 1 1 a. M. 1 a. M. 12:00 p. M. Read/Glasswork Finished Chapter 15 for TEETH/125 Worked on Appendix G for GENII 05 2:30 p. M. Help husband with car, Backbone games, e-mail son’s doctors, Helped husband detail AY, played various games on Backbone and browsed the Internet, e- mailed son’s doctors at SCUFFS, checked e-mail, checked status of class responses 3:00 4:00 p. M. Help husband with business stuff Looked up past clients to contact, reviewed e-mails husband got for business, helped him figure out a schedule 4:30 5:00 p. M. 5:30 p. M.

Read/Review Started reading Chapter 17 for TEETH/125 Reviewed responses for Sq from classmates for both TEETH/125 and GENII 05 6:00 p. M. 6:30 p. M. Woke up son from nap Woke up son & gave him Pedicure bottle 7:00 p. M. Out for dinner and get light bulbs Went to Round Table for all you can eat buffet. Went to Loses to get light bulbs for the laundry room 7:30 p. M. 8:00 p. M. 8:30 p. M. Watch TV, get son ready for bed Watched Counting Cars Changed diaper and dressing, cleaned stoma, hooked up feeding tube, filled feeding bag 9:00 p. M. 9:30 p. M. 0:00 p. M. Bed Put son to bed, hooked up feeding bag to feeding tube, set pump, I .NET to bed 10:30 p. M. 11:30 p. M. Awake Feeding pump started alarming-got up to check and reset pump Most of your daily activities may be broken down into these major groups: Personal care (showering, getting dressed, and so on) Working Studying Time in class Exercising Recreation (such as watching television, socializing) Tending to others (parenting and care-giving) Cooking or eating Commuting Review your time log and answer the following questions: 1.

Based on your time log, do you think you manage your time wisely? I think I could manage my time better. I think I need to cut out some of my time browsing the Internet or playing games online. 2. What do you spend the majority of your time doing? I spend quite a bit of time on homework, reading, answering Discussion Questions or writing my responses for participation. 3. How can you alter (or remove) activities to stop spending so much time on things that are not important?

I need to close the Backbone window so I am not notified every time someone answers something I posted or sends me a message or game request. 4. If you removed activities, how could you replace them with short-term, goal- oriented tasks? By spending less time browsing the Internet, I could spend more time reading and completing assignments before they are due in case something happens and I find myself not being able to have time later in the week. 5. What techniques will you use to adhere too productive schedule, fight procrastination, or avoid stress?

I know that Backbone and games are a stress relief; however, they also lead to procrastination, so I will need to set a time limit when I do need a break so not to over-do my break time and be able to stick to my schedule to get school work accomplished since that leads to my goal of receiving my Associates’ Degree. Answer the following wrap-up questions when your time management log is complete: How well do your Part 1 : Self-Evaluation answers correlate with your actual time log?

I do think I spend quite a bit of time on school-related work; however, I know I also spend a large amount of time on other things. I need to find a balance between taking care of my children, house, and school. Right now I think I spend more time on school, at times, but I need to make sure my son is getting what his health requires since it fluctuates daily. Things will hopefully settle down once he is only attending speech therapy, and not physical and occupational therapy. Does your log reflect the priorities you outlined in Part 1?

If not, what changes do you have to make? If so, discuss why. Yes, my log does reflect both my academic and personal priorities, but like I said in my other answer, I could use more time to care for both my son and my school work. I need to find time to read uninterrupted so I do not have to re-read things several times. That is a waste of time, and leads to me getting frustrated that I have had to re-read that one sentence and still do not understand hat it says. Can you use what you do with your time at work or home to help with school, or vice versa?

I do not work outside the home, but I know that the time management skills I have learned so far will carry over to my career and professional life. When I was working I created lists of things I needed to get done such as getting contracts out or insurance forms requested and sent to the proper place. There were legal due dates as well that I needed to keep in mind where collecting money was concerned. List making is a very useful tool that I have been using for years and years.

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