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If you do not set aside time everyday for schoolwork then you may not be able to fit it into the busy schedule that we all call life. Just like if we did not keep an appointment book we may not make it to all of our appointments because we may let one slip our mind. The same goes for when we are managing our time. If we do not adhere to a strict schedule with schoolwork we may not finish in the time allotted for us and then we end up with late assignments and lower grades then we could have achieved had we managed our time a little bit better.

It is not always that a person does not have time management skills they just do not have the sight time management techniques as in they do not know how to effectively space out what they need to do and to schedule their time and energy wisely (Assortment, 201 1). Most students assume that a 3 credit hour class means that you only need to put about 3 hours of class time in about a week. What people fail to realize is that you also have to take into account the time that you have to spend at home doing homework and studying for tests and other assignments.

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Sure you can do the minimal amount of time but if you only do that then there is no guarantee that you will get the best grade that you could have in the class. One of the first ways to effective time management is to make a schedule and follow it. Start a schedule for your classes and include all of the activities in your schedule. This includes bayou have a job or a family. You must include all of these activities also. Include all of the children’s and spouse activities that may conflict with your schoolwork or anything else.

Also do not forget that you must sleep, shower, eat and have a min to relax for yourself. Stick to your schedule so that you do no falter and loose precious time. Another major factor in time management is managing your surroundings hen completing a task Make sure that when you are ready to study that you are fully prepared. Sit down with your books in a quiet, well-lit area and have all of your supplies with you. You do not want to waste precious study time getting up to get more supplies or because you forgot a book or your notes or things of that nature.

You also want to make sure that you are going to have plenty of time with little to no interruptions. The more interruptions you have the more time it is going to take you to complete your assignments or studying. Also when you are setting aside your time for studying make sure everyone knows so that they are not going to bother you and they know to let you study (Belle, 2008). The one thing we always hate to think about when it comes to time management is to expect the unexpected. We always hate when things do not go our way and then we I Loose out on our time and or money.

All of it is precious to us so when we lose it it can be a big deal. You have to learn to go with the flow and schedule for life’s unexpected moments. We can never plan for everything. There will always be a time that something will happen that we didn’t expect to happen and that will through a wrench into our plans and our label schedule. Make sure to plan an extra few minuets into your schedule for things like this (Dumbly, 201 1). When you are making a schedule make sure to include drive time.

Time to get back and forth to different places and a couple extra minutes here and there in case of unforeseen problems. Last there may be some sacrifices that the adult learner may have to make to be able to achieve their goal of finishing school as an adult. An adult learner may have to give up some of their leisure activities so that they can complete their schoolwork especially if they also have a career that they have to work for everyday. Online learning makes this a little bit easier but it is still a difficult task to juggle working and going to school and having a family at the same time.

To someone that has a career and wants to go back to school they may have to give up some of their hobbies that they do after work such as video gaming or surfing or hiking. These things can still be done however the student will have to schedule when they can fit these things in around their now busy studying and school schedule. If all Of these things are done a student can succeed. As you can see time management skills or time management techniques an be very important to anyone not just the adult learner.

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