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Which of the following statements about JEEP files is FALSE? A. JEEP is a loss format. B. Most digital cameras use the JEEP format for storing pictures. . Images saved as JEEP files have a compact file size but at the cost of image quality. D. Images saved as Jeeps can be edited and saved repeatedly without affecting image information. 1 1 Advice on Shopping for Digital Cameras Task: Learn more about shopping for digital cameras. Assignment: Read the How to Buy a Digital Camera guide at http:// describe what is important to know about each of the following key features of a digital camera. . Sensor size: Impacts image quality: you can get a sharper image if the camera’s sensor and physical glass on the front (camera) is large. 2. Resolution (megalith count): If you intend to e-mail pictures, upload them to sharing sites, or print them at snapshot size, any resolution will do. Even so, more pixels will print sharper pictures at larger sizes or enable you to crop and print small sections of pictures. 3. The difference between optical zoom and digital zoom: Optical zoom moves the lens to magnify the subject meanwhile, digital zoom captures fewer pixels and magnifies those 4.

RAW mode: All digital cameras take JEEP images which compress photos, and also compromises the quality of the photo. However, RAW mode preserves the quality by not compressing the mage, but the file size will be much higher. 5. Movies and sound: Many cameras can capture video as well as still shots; the option is useful for short clips when you don’t have a camcorder. However, do not base your decision on the video capability. 6. Battery life: Some digital cameras quickly drain batteries. Battery life and camera cost often aren’t related; some inexpensive cameras have great battery life, and some expensive ones use up a charge quickly.

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Additionally, the cost of disposable batteries adds up over the long run, you might want to consider rechargeable batteries. 7. Scene modes: Some cameras obtain a large number of scene modes?presets that are designed for a variety of settings and subjects, such as the beach, fireworks, and underwater, and you might find these useful. 8. Image stabilization/ antitheses: Some cameras offer image stabilization/antitheses as a shooting mode or as a feature that can be helpful when you’re shooting photos in situations where it is difficult to get a sharp image, such as in low light. 9.

LCD screen: LCD screens are necessary for reviewing just-taken images on the camera. LCD size varies from 1. 8 to 3. 5 inches. A good LCD is essential for owing whether you got the picture you wanted, and it can usually give you an indication of whether the shot was properly exposed. LCD quality varies widely?many LCD wash out in sunlight or become grainy in low light, or the image might change if you tilt the camera slightly. You should try out the camera before you purchase it. 10. Wireless: You can use Wi-If to transmit images to a PC, a printer, or a photo-sharing site.

However, this process is burdensome and might not be worth the extra money. 12. Camera Phones Task: Smartness and even some “dumb” phones include a camera. Assignment: If you are considering the purchase of a smartened, or already own one, visit the website listed under Resource to learn about the best camera phones, and answer the following questions: 1 . Identify the phone you own or are planning on purchasing. Is it listed on the opening page? The phone currently own is a “Samsung Galaxy Alpha”, but I’m planning on getting the “Samsung Galaxy Note Edge” later on in the year. . If is it listed, read its full review. If it is not, then select one of the listed phones in which you are interested. Based on the review, answer these questions: the Samsung Galaxy SO” What are two good points? . The upscale Samsung Galaxy SO’ smooth glass-and matte-metal body. 2. Convenient new camera short key which makes the phone a Stunner. What are two bad points? 1 . Non-removable battery and absent expandable storage 2. It also has an intensely reflective backing and looks like the phone 6. What is the bottom line?

Worldly looks and top-notch specs makes this Android phone to beat for 2015. How many misapplies does the front camera take? On the back, it has a 1 6-megalith camera (rear), however it installs a 5- megalith (front) shooter for wide angle selfless. How many misapplies does the front camera take? Same as answer from above (bullet point 4) 3. Select a second phone from the list and answer the same questions as above. ” phone 6 Plus” What are two good points? 1 . The big battery provides long life. 2. The 5. Inch screen (big) is bright and high contrast. What are two bad points? 1. Big footprint 2. Overall design is less distinctive that the previous phones. What is the bottom line? The phone 6 Plus is an Outstanding choice for those with big budgets and big pockets, but power users seeking even more flexibility should audition the Galaxy Note 4 as well. How many megalith does the front camera take? It features an 8-megalith (rear) shooter, however it has a 1. 2 megalith (front) camera. How many megalith does the front camera take? 4.

Based on your responses to questions 2 and 3, would you keep or buy the phone identified in question 1 or switch to the other phone? I would definitely purchase the phone mention in the answer for question 1. 5. Explain why you would keep or switch your phone. Do admire my current phone, but the screen is slightly cracked. I am switching to Samsung Galaxy Note Edge because it has a unique curved edge screen which allows users to receive notifications directly on the edge screen thou disturbance, along with multi window for managing multiple APS at once.

Resource http://reviews. Cent. Com/best-camera-phones 13. 00 It yourself Task: Change a photo using the skills demonstrated in the Sound Byte. Assignment: Use whatever photo editing software you have available on your computer to make the following changes to a photo with red eye. 1. Remove the red eye. 2. Crop the photo so that only the head and shoulders are showing. 3. Enhance the photo to improve its quality. Original Red eye removal + Cropping + Enhancement Submit before and after photos to your instructor in either electronic or printed form.

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