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Please submit the paper copy to MIX student office by pm and a copy to WOLF. (Please follow I-COW protocol for resubmissions). 4HW003: Summation Assessment Brief: 2500 word report. No executive summary is required. Identify and discuss the changing priorities and approaches across the development and scope of public health: Identify one Public Health priority for Yellowhammers from public Health profiles for Yellowhammers and locate this within the main domain of Public Health. Link your chosen Public

Health priority to international and national policy objectives developed to reduce health inequalities. Suggest one approach using Beauties model to address your chosen public health priority and provide rationale for your chosen approach. Discuss your chosen public health priority in relation to the action areas outlined in the Ottawa Charter and state two public heath competencies required to work in your chosen public health priority field. Assignment Guidance In your report you may use the following heading and sub-headings to structure your assignment.

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Title – “xx (xx is your chosen public health priority) in Yellowhammers” Introduction ? In this section provide a brief overview of your report with justification of your choices and rationale for any interventions and roles suggested in your report. Public Health priority – Identify your chosen public health priority in this section with an explanation of why this area of work is a priority and has been chosen. Provide with a rationale, an overview of the domain that you have located your chosen priority within.

E. G. ‘The public health priority for Yellowhammers chosen is cause A (A could be statistics or research, etc. ) (Reference for A) shows that the health of B (B could be chosen group of people) The work priority is located with the public health domain of since it is aligned to Policy Objectives – In this section discuss the links to international and national policy objectives. E. G. “The priority addresses policy (Reference for policy) defined by Y (Reference for Y).

The priority supports improvement in Bi’s health and reduces health inequalities by (social, economic, environmental considerations)” Approach used to address (public health priority) – In this section identify the approach used from Beauties model and suggest an intervention that could be used to improve health. Discuss why this approach was chosen and thought to be the most appropriate. In your discussion include how this approach and intervention will impact on the health of B and how this approach will address the policy objectives discussed above. E. G. “Beauties model of health promotion (Reference for Beaten) outlines four approaches.

The approach chosen to address (chosen priority) is because This approach enables Ottawa Charter? In this section identify owe your chosen priority relates to the Ottawa charter. E. G. “The Ottawa charter (Reference for Ottawa charter) key principles The (chosen priority) links to due to Public Health competencies ? In this section discuss two public health competencies that will enable Beauties approach discussed above to be implemented. Selector competencies from either core or defined areas but not both of the Public Health Skills and Knowledge Framework (PHS). Outline a role chosen and how this role will support health of (B).

E. G. “The competencies chosen to address (chosen priority) re from the (defined or core (but not both) area of the … Framework (Reference for framework). This work requires the competencies outlined at level (consideration of multi-agency and multi-disciplinary work role) of the framework (Reference for framework). The role of (name of public health role) will enable health of B (chosen group of people) to improve by . Conclusion – Summarize your report by providing a brief overview of how your chosen priority, approach, suggested intervention carried out by a public health practitioner role introduces scope to develop public health.

Assignment tips Ensure that when you submit an assignment you have considered the following. Presentation and Layout of your assignment 1 . Ensure that you include a front sheet with the following information on: Your student number, module code and title, assignment title, module leader’s name and word count. 2. Use size 12 fonts and 1. 5 line spacing (this makes marking easier). 3. Ensure that your work is printed on one side of the paper only i. E. Not double sided. 4. Ensure that your pages are numbered and that your student number is also on every page.

Word Limit for your assignment 5. It is suggested that you will use approximately of your words, so in a 2500 word assignment introduction can be about 250 words. It is suggested that you allocate 80% of the word count for the main body of your assignment therefore the main body can be about 2000 words. Use the remaining 10% of the word limit of 250 words for your conclusion. You are allowed to use the 10% rule; this is whereby you are allowed to go 10% of the words either over or under, so your assignment could range from 2250 to 2750 words.

Contents of your assignment 6. You will require an introduction; this will set the scene of the assignment by explaining briefly what your assignment is about. The main body is where your main identification, linking and discussion will be; this is where you will identify your chosen public health priority, locate the public health domain, link to policy, suggest an approach from Beauties Model Of health Promotion and identify public health competencies required for your chosen public health priority.

The assignment needs to be critical and analytical therefore avoid description. References should be from a range of reliable sources, and member this is an academic course, so you should be reading academic material aimed at undergraduate level. The internet is a good source of information especially for finding out about local organizations and activities. However, remember not all the information on the internet is from a credible source and you may lose marks for inappropriate, inaccurate material, references or just copying and pasting from the internet.

You will need to reference correctly by using the Harvard Name and date system of referencing; you may wish to revisit the learning Centers web pages on how o use Harvard referencing method. If you are uncertain about this see the learning centre web site at this link: http://www. Wall. AC. UK/lib/ skills_for_learning. Asps 7. In the main body use separate paragraphs for each topic you are discussing for example; when you are discussing Beauties approach use a separate paragraph. 8. The conclusion draws everything that you have said together. Do not introduce new ideas in the conclusion.

Submission of your assignment 9. Please ensure that you spell check and proof read your work before submission. 10. Always save a copy of your assignment before submission. 1 1 . Submit your work in a single poly pocket; do not use individual poly pockets for each page. 12. Ensure that you submit your work on time by checking your submission deadline date and cut-off time for paper and electronic submissions. 13. Always ensure that you obtain a receipt, as this is your proof of submission. Keep the receipt in a safe place as if the assignment goes missing this will be evidence that you have submitted the work. 14.

You are required to provide a paper copy of your assignment and submit electronically. 5. To ensure congruence for uploading your grades, please ensure that your paper copy of the assignment and electronic copy are the same. Lecturers will not be held responsible if your paper copy and electronic submission are not the same. Grades will be awarded for one marked assignment only. For electronic submissions via WOLF it is important to note: 16. You should compile your work into a single file, WOLF will overwrite subsequent submissions 17. WOLF will confirm via email when the file has been successfully uploaded 18.

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