The Salem Witch Trials Assignment

The Salem Witch Trials Assignment Words: 296

Write the outline of your research paper below. The outline should begin with the title of your paper and your thesis statement. You should complete this assignment and submit it to your teacher when you finish the Develop an Outline lesson in this unit. (5 points) 1 . Write a title for your paper that clearly states the topic. The Salem Witch Trials (25 points) 2. Write your thesis statement. Your thesis should state a fact about history and state your idea about the fact.

The events that took place in Salem in 1 692 are a part of a greater pattern throughout our history to persecute innocent people, especially women, as “witches”. (70 points) 3. Develop a formal outline for your paper. Use the Making Formal Outlines sheet as a guide for structuring your content. Your outline should demonstrate that you have completed adequate research and have a grasp of the content. Your ideas should be clearly organized in a logical manner. I. Accusations A. How did such accusations even begin? 1 . What made them think witches existed? 2. What did the word “witch” mean? II. The “Witch Craze” A.

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What was the “Witch Crazy?’? 1 . When was the “Witch Craze”? 2. Who was accused as being a witch, and why? Ill. Religion A. What did the churches think about witches and witchcraft? 1. Did the priest’s think that witches came from Hell? 2. Did Satan play a part in witchcraft? IV. Witch Hunting A. How did you prove that someone was a witch? 1. Did they have tests to prove someone was a witch? 2. Where did witch hunting take place? V. Consequences A. What would happen if someone was convicted of being a witch/of witchcraft? 1 . What would be a witches’ punishment? 2. Who would determine the fate of the witch?

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