The negative effects of Technology Assignment

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How many times does the average person check their phone in a day? According to Joanna Stern of BBC news people check their phones 150 times a day. Yes a phone along with other forms of technology gives people the freedom to communicate in just seconds, allows people to carry their favorite games and the internet wherever they go, but people have become too dependent on technology. Social networks, cell phones, tablets, and video game systems have become a necessity in people lives, exulting in the disruption of education, developing developmental skills and health.

Although technology has advanced the world, it still negatively affects the lives of many. Technology has become a negative problem In the lives of many people due to It effect on education, developmental, and health. Nelson Mandela once said “Education Is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. However he never specified whether It would change the world for the better or not. So which one is it? Education has been the key to creating and improving technology. Only to have that technology sabotage students education. Teachers are allowed to use technology to teach students, but should they be allowed to?

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Technology in the classroom allows teachers a more up-to-date, easier way to teach for those who know how to use it. However technology in the classroom also “takes away valuable learning time, it can be overused, and it can also turn educational experiences into games for students” (Klaus, Julia “Negative Effects”). Klaus goes on to explain that in schools located in impoverished areas may have students without computers or internet access at home and need to be taught how to use the technology at a pace that meets all of the student needs.

Also that many students need a mental or physical way to see what they are studying and If most of the teaching Is done on a computer than that need isn’t being meant. She finally explains that teachers have students in their class who see computers and think that class time is game time or for most middle and high school students “game time” is usually spent testing and checking social media networks. A recent study suggest that over eighty percent of tuned are distracting themselves with their digital devices during class.

The results suggested that over eighty-six percent of students text during class and sixty-eight percent admit to using social networking websites. Over a fourth of students who were surveyed admitted that it had affected their class performance (Drake, Harrison”Student Admit”). It isn’t all the teachers fault, students overuse of technology with school assignments Is a key factor In their lack of education. Students can use essay from websites that are created to help student with their original papers as their own and get away with It.

Teachers have no way of knowing If the student wrote it or not unless the teacher has read the paper before or knows 43,000 high school students in public and private schools and found that one out of three high school students admitted that they used the internet to plagiarism an assignment (“Facts and Stats”). Plagiarism doesn’t allow for the student to practice writing or researching skills and makes it less likely for the student to obtain any information on the topic. Then there are businesses like Perfectas. Mentioned in Sporadic The Current with Anna Maria Trenton’, who are suppose to help students in Canada write the perfect essay. However students don’t have to live in Canada to get an essay out of the company. Their website allows for potential clients to see samples of essays that they have written already that they could easily copy and turn it in as their own without consequences. In the interview the operational director says; “… There may be students who use this product as their own, but this is not up to us how the paper is used.

We Just generate a custom product for them. They pay money for it. They’re entitled to do whatever they want with it ” -Simon White, Perfectas. Ca Students have to realize that using technology to cheat only makes it easier to cheat themselves out of an education, that they will need in the future. Human beings are sociable creatures, who have developed many ways to communicate messages, thoughts, and feelings. However some of the important social skills are being lost in youth. In today’s society knowledge in the use of technology is useful.

If something goes wrong a single text or email will do fine as notice or update. Technology does make life easier, but the convenience of technology is causing a lack of developmental skills within children. Technology should be monitored more closely to ensure a child’s developmental skills.

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