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Its a way to giving back to the people who even though that you have not noticed it but in a way, they have giving back to you and helping you when u needed it Just like what you are doing to them. Another thing that makes community service what it is is the fact that its is not community service when you are getting paid to do it. That Just shows that you are only In it for the money and that you probably don’t really care about the outcome of the job or what that person might do to you if do that Job correct. The only thing that you care about really Is the money that is Involved In the Job.

Its kind of Like the saying “Pay It Forward”. How community service Is Like that Is If someone does something to you, and If they don’t want know money In return, that person is goanna appreciate that and you will to. Then they might do something for you back There are many different levels of community service. There is Just doing some yard work for your next door neighbor all the way to doing a big job for the community. They all of the same affect on the people around you and the all have the same affect on you to. In order to graduate from many high-schools you have to have a community service assignment.

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It have to be a certain amount of hours and even with some schools they have a list of Jobs that have to be done and you have to pick out of that list. In a school in Washington state the students there must complete a minimum of 200 hours In order to graduate. Even certain honor societies wont except people with a 4. 0 GAP because they don’t have any community service to back that up. Another way to have community service It If you went to jail or were convicted of a crime, the judge will add community service as part of your sentence.

For example. If you litter. Your community service might be that you would have to clean up a park r a roadside for a certain amount of hours. Or it you got caught drinking and driving and the Judge sentenced you to community service, that service might be to go to the school in your area and talk to a class on why drunk driving is a bad thing and that they shouldn’t do it. Some Judges might let the convict pick what service that they want to do. There are only a few people in this world that actually do community service because they want to. Usually there is a reason why people do it. Weather its for money or because someone told them to do It of If they have to do it cause they to In trouble with the law. You rarely ever see people do It because they have the heat to do It. I think that people of do It because they love the reaction that they get back from doing It Is the people that will end up going very far In life. In order for you to get the good reaction that you want from people if you are doing community finish in a hurry because then know one is goanna appreciate the Job that you did.

You need to take your time and make sure that it is done to the best of your ability. When you you help out with community service, that means that your helping your self. It makes you feel like you have accomplished something in your community and it shows to people that you are helping out and doing something for the community. I think the most common form of community service to adults would be a volunteer fireman. They don’t get paid and they are defiantly helping out the community. The most common community service for teens and kids I think would be your local food drive.

Your going around door to door and asking people if they could give up a few cans so that people who can’t afford them or don’t have any can get food for free. A hearty is still kind like community service but its a little different: your getting money but once your getting that money your giving that money to a group of children who really need it or to animals or to anyone or anything that your charity is about. Community service is doing something for free and not talking any money but with a charity all that money was donated by a benefactor.

And that money; like I said goes to a child or a group of children in need. People say that if you do community service, it gives you a greater since of of society and the community around them. It also shows them there role in the community and in society. Another good thing that community service does is it strengthens your family. It brings your whole family together. It gives you more things to do with your family and it also gives you more things to talk about with your family to. It would also give other families ideas for community service to.

Community service could also helping you get a real Job that pays money! Its true. If you put all of the of the community service projects that u did on the Job description the boss is going to see that. They will think that’s really great ND the would probably find you fit for the part of the Job than any of the other people who applied for the Job. In a broad sense of it its also a good time killer. If you are really bored and you want to go do something that is a really long thing to do to kill some time, Just do community service!

Its a really great time killer that also makes your feel good about your self. And you will want to do it some more. I guess some examples that you could do for community service that could help out the who community would be to clean up the local park. Everyone goes to the park. Why not go clean something up that even you and everyone else goes to. Everyone in the community will love and enjoy that Job. Everyone goes to the park, so its a good idea to clean the place that is the most popular in the community. If you live near a beach you could do the same thing.

Just pick up the garbage on the beach, like I said, everyone goes to the beach, its a beautiful place. Why not make it even more beautiful by picking up all of the garbage on it so all the people can see is the beautiful sand and clear waters. You could also do some renovation Jobs. If there is a coal store that needs to be cleaned up to look nice so it could get more business, ask the owner if you and a couple of friends could grab some equipment together and clean the place up, or paint it. You could go to your local elderly home and volunteer there.

By doing that is shows the elderly people that you care about them. You could wash there dishes, or wash them! You could serve them food or make there food, make there beds or fix the TV’s. As long as you are showing them that you care about could volunteer at your local sporting event at your school. Go fetch the soccer ball every time it goes in the woods. You could put the hurdles on and off the track for the track and field team. As you can see, there are many things that you can do for community service in your community.

So through this whole essay you have seem many different ways to do community service. I have never really told you the meaning for community service. Community service is the doing of many things that help people of the community for you. The are done for free, there is no money involved unless its charity work because that money is being given to someone or a group of people that really need it the most. The only thing that is really given is the distraction that you did something really good for that people that you care about and for the people that care about you.

And who knows, by you doing this maybe something other time someone might do something for you and don’t want any money for it. Most people who do community service do it because they love to, sometime they do it because they have to, but like I said, most of they time they do it because they want to. Community service is a great thing to do, it makes you feel good and it builds character. That’s why anyone and everyone should do community service. AND that’s what community service is.

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