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For those who believe, Religion is one of the most important things in our lives. Whether a person is an atheist, a Christian, or a Buddhist, what we believe is a large part of who we are. Religion is a guide for me, it’s necessary for me because without it I’m lost. Was raised by a southern woman. Reading the bible, going to church, and praying were not an option growing up in my household. Remember being about six or seven years old when my mother began to incorporate the bible in our daily lives.

From Sunday school, bible study, vacation bible school, and summer camp, we did it all. As I got older, y mother gave me options. I still had to attend church every Sunday however, I didn’t have to be a part of every activity going on in the church. Now that I am an adult, I will confess that do not attend church as much as I would like too. I do talk to my kids about the Bible and how they are suppose to carry themselves and treat others according to his word.

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We pray together as a family, and I know that is okay, however I have no real reason as to why am not in church as often as I should be. When first started at Indiana Wesleyan University back in 2012, my goals have always remained the same or each course that take. Those goals are to grow, to learn, and to become successful. When I speak about growing during this course, to me that means being flexible and being open to things that have never experienced before. Every instructor is different so I have to be able to adjust to the way that particular instructor want things done.

I also want to learn as much as possible from this course. It’s more than just going through the assignments and completing them. Learning is when we are able to take something away from the lesson. Reading and responding to others ideas and opinions is also n excellent learning tool because even as adults we can never stop learning especially in a group setting. For me it’s extremely important that I try as much as possible to step out of my comfort zone, connect and see the difference in others and embrace it.

The last goal that I have for this course is to become successful and to feel a sense of accomplishment. Getting a good grade in this course is important. Walking away knowing that I was able to learn and gain from this course is just as important. Knowing that I can apply what I learned and share that with someone outside this course means success to me. Everyone has their own definition of what success is or what it means to be successful. I’m a real simple person so I like to live life that way.

Simply put, maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around me, respect and treat others how I want to be treated, take responsibility for my own actions, and honor my commitments. I’m a person who is very big on prayer, I go to God and I pray regardless if things are good or bad. So my prayer is for myself and all of my classmates are for God to grant us patience and to guide us through this course and to finish this course with confidence.

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