The Four Factors of Motivation Assignment

The Four Factors of Motivation Assignment Words: 830

Criteria reference: To achieve the criteria the evidence submitted must show that the candidate is able to: Task number: Outline how an organization motivate its employees Explain how organizations obtain the co-operation of their employees 4 Compare the use of motivation theories in an organization 2 Suggest, with justification, ways of improving motivation in an organizational setting 3 Candidate’s declaration: hereby certify that the work I have submitted for this assignment is entirely my own. Candidate’s name: Candidate’s signature:

Approved assignment internally verified by: Angier Hardwood 12/09/14 Declaration date: Scenario Using your research from assignment one you will need to explore the ways in which your organization seeks to gain commitment from its employees. Using relevant theories and current practice analyses effectiveness of the HER management processes involved. Task One -PA – Table (Deadline 31 March 2015 – pm) Using your research from assignment one on your chosen organization, consider how they motivate employees and compare the theories of motivation with: Moscow Taylor Mayo Herbert Reward Systems

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Performance related-pay Company vehicles Pension schemes Loans/advances Profit sharing Childcare Employee share options School fees Mortgage Subsidies Corporate clothes Relocation fees Staff discounts Bonuses Flexi able working Health care Extended parental leave Career breaks Cafeteria incentive schemes Using the sheet provided, Consider and complete the rewards systems for your chosen organization. Think about the above theories and how your organization follow these. Relate the reward systems to the appropriate theories.

For example Description of Theorist and what theories they use Consider how your organization motivates employees and compare the theories of motivation Consider reward systems by your organization and how they work 1 Moscow (personal and social nature of motivation) Physiological, Safety and security, Love and belonging, Self esteem, Self Actualization Supervisors, Line managers and Managers They all use these theories, what do they do and how do they apply these theories. How is motivation and salary related.

What rewards do your organization offer that relate to these theories 2 Taylor (scientific Management) etc Example: Taylor theories were implemented by Ford This task must be produced as a table – provided already Task Two – MM – Report (Deadline 14 April 2015 pm- no extension) Organizations use reward systems because they believe it works in motivating employees. Using your chosen organization, explain why they choose certain particular approaches to motivation. Relate and link this information to your PA table to help you report this in detail. You must compare how different theories of motivation contribute to the techniques used for employee motivation in an organization. The wage earned y a team member at McDonald’s is motivating in itself because it offers a reasonably well-paid hourly rate for a 16 or 1 7 year old student. When you belong to a crew or team it recognizes a person’s social need of belonging to a group. However, managing a branch is not necessarily paid well, but has associated status and is motivating and stimulating to do this).

The information in this report will be used to aid ODL . This task must be produced as a Report. Task Three – ODL – Report (Deadline 21 April 2015 – no extension) From your findings and research in PA and MM, produce a report showing ideas f how your organization could improve or develop the motivational techniques and reward system they use. They may already use motivational techniques and reward systems which are already working very well. Think about any way that these could be developed further in order to remain a good motivating tool.

For example, in your organization, some of the motivational techniques may be annual leave period, or benefits to you and family or team support and spirit, or even discount – What could be done to keep these motivational techniques strength (what could we do to retain employee interest). On the other hand – what would happen if holidays are reduced or if there is a pay freeze – how motivated are staff in your organization from this and what could be done to improve this.

Your information has to be detailed and drawn from facts and research above. Task Four – PA – Group Discussion (6 May 2015 Deadline with research notes and discussion taken place also) You have to prepare for a group discussion (the groups will be decided by your tutor). In order to prepare for your discussion you need to research and understand what contracts of employment are stipulated for your chosen organization and how adherence to a contract can be managed there also.

In your discussion consider: Contractual obligations Disciplinary measures Schemes Culture of the organization-Create & maintain Community links-sponsoring Open style of management Ensure you bring supporting notes, copies of articles, case-studies journals, newspaper cuttings etc to support your research. These will need to be scanned and submit on model. A witness statement will be prepared for this.

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