The Buddy System Assignment

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The “l can do it myself” attitude ill almost never work out as well as working with a group. For example, while doing an assignment by yourself you may be going along and come across a question your pretty sure you know but are not quite certain your answer is right. You may second guess yourself and end up getting the question wrong. While in a group a person would be able to get the confirmation of the other members that the answer chosen was correct.

Reading by yourself may be easier for most people because it is quiet, and concentration is a lot easier. However, comprehending the reading after you’ve read it can be difficult. A person could’ve read the exact same book and got a totally different meaning out of it than someone else. In a group the differences could be discussed collectively, and a more general meaning of the reading can be understood. Second, the size and diversity of a group can play a big part into having a successful group study.

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The size cannot be too big or a full understanding will never be reached because there will be too many different ideas floating around and every point will get jumbled together and not be fully understood. A group of three to five will typically work the best because every ember will be able to speak their mind and vocalizes their points to the rest of the group. We all know that guys and girls are different; diversity is needed in groups just because of this fact.

For example, if a group was to do a project on “What love really means” a group of three guys will most likely come up with a completely different answer than three girls. This is why groups must be diverse so different perspectives from the opposite sex are heard. The scales should not be even. The power should be unbalanced so in the case of split conclusions a person will be there to act like a tie breaker and a inclusion can be met. Last but not least, for the good of the group every member must contribute.

This will come with a certain comfort level with other group members. It can often be hard to let your voice be heard in front of strangers. That’s why it may be good for a group to do an ice breaker before discussing study topics. Setting a specific place and date to meet will be helpful because every member can come prepared for the meeting with their work done. A group counts on every member to be successful. One of the members cannot be just along for the ride in a group. Contribution is crucial for success; non- articulation will not only hurt the group beauteously as well.

Students who form study groups will outperform students who study alone almost three to one. Study groups will work better because they stop the being unsure factor that plays into studying alone. Study groups who are diverse will be the most effective kind of group verses studying alone. A group who has all members contribute will work to its full potential allowing for the most effective learning to be done. A person cannot have the “l don’t care, it’s all about me” attitude in a group. Remember, there is no “l” in team.

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