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I would like to share a common story which I’ve told already to some of my friends. I never dreamt of becoming a nurse! I never did! Kan aki pa po ako, an sakong pangiturugan iyo an maging pading Heswita huli ta gusto kong dakul na aki asin tao an magbisa sako. I really really really like people asking for blessings from me through kissing hands. In fact, before I finished my Elementary years, I already found a benefactor from my Mom’s cousin who used to be a priest in Rome. Pero, si pangiturugan kong ito, hanggang pangiturugan na lang garo.

When I was in high school, a friend told me: “Aram mo Kulas, maski sain kang isabak na course sa college, mapa-Science, Math or English and field, kaya mo! ” Since I’m into debating then, I decided to take Journalism for College. However, because of the popular demand that Nursing has during this time, my parents and relatives are urging me to take Nursing than Journalism. Undecided still, I took several College Entrance Test both here in Manila. Whenever asked for my college courses choices, I would always put Nursing as my first choice (because it’s my mother who fills up the form), Biology as my second choice and Journalism as my third.

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All local entrance tests I took here in Naga, I was able to pass them. I took UST College Entrance Test; the result showed that I flunked to pass the Nursing standards to enter UST Nursing, but I passed both Biology and Journalism. I thought that it was already a sign that I should take Journalism than Nursing. When I told Mama about my plans of taking Journalism instead, she said without hesitation: “Noy, habo ko pang mautsanan nin aki. ” She knows that I really have the tendency of becoming a liberal activist if I continue Journalism. I was really undecided after High School graduation.

One day, Mama told me that we will go to USI to inquire for Nursing. I hesitated, but Mama is my weakness that’s why I still go with her. She went to the Arts and Sciences Office. I stayed outside at the long tables. I’ve waited about 30 minutes. When she returned, she has a white form, completely filled up with the necessary details, kinopya niya pa lahat ng subjects ko ng apat na beses, at the back of it, there was a stamp which said ASSESSED, then at the Matriculation Form, it said ENROLLED! Simply put: Sinet-up ako ni Mama. Ano yung naging role ko dun? Sumagot sa interview.

I just told Mama, “ikaw ang pumasok diyan! ” But look, ladies and gentlemen, what seems for me as a set-up had brought great things for me. After four long years nang pagsusunog ng kilay at pagpapagod, we all have our diplomas. We struggled for more than two months re-reading all our books, browsing all our handouts, memorizing important points, answering practice test, for some being “exiled” in a convent, and praying hard to pass the Boards. And look where we are now, meeting once more in this beautiful place not anymore as college friends and students but as Registered Nurses!

Who would have thought that my Mom’s pakialamerang attitude would lead us to this place, speak in front of you and celebrate each success as Registered Nurses and the school’s triumph in its aim towards NURSING EXCELLENCE! Why did I tell you this story? I just realized and I think it’s a learning for all of us that whether we really wanted Nursing at the very start, that fact that we are here, celebrating our victory, means that God has made something for us. Perhaps, this is a plan that we need to consider in our life. Let’s not be stubborn.

We’re already in the limelight of our career and it’s our responsibility to make something out of this privileged that we have. This is a CELEBRATION OF THANKSGIVING for all of us. And let me congratulate all of you for this great achievement! O diba? Parang pang pari lang. Actually, I’m tasked to give a word of gratitude. And I’m just about to give that on my second half of Testimonial Speech. The journey towards the end was tough! And I know we can’t make it this far without the help of every individual we’ve met in this journey.

It is, therefore, imperative for us to look back, salute and pay tribute to these people who made our lives much easier and in their little way, is a companion to this success and to whom we share our achievement. First, our second home, Universidad de Sta. Isabel and the Daughters of Charity Family. Thanks for opening such an avenue to fulfill the dreams of aspiring nurses through the College. It paved the way for the realization of our dreams. And as a child would give honor to his parents, we give back to you the 89. 56% passing rate with 250 new nurses for the July 2010 NLE.

For all the things you’ve done, this is our way saying “thank you” and giving back the honor and privilege you’ve given to us. Hope we made you happy with this close to 90% passing rate which has been a struggle for almost a decade already! ( To the College of Nursing, which was headed by Maam Dette Estrada and now by, Sister Lourdes Sabidong. Thank you for accepting us in your family! We are glad with your generous contribution that really helped us a lot to attain our dreams. Thanks for the support of making and releasing our files, RLE Records and other important documents!

Thanks for giving us quality education, that we bragged and claimed against other aspiring Nursing schools. Until now, nothing and no one will beat a LEGEND! ( To our dear classmates and friends, who have been our constant help in this journey. Ok! Let’s not be too innocent. Through good times, evil times and bad times, you’re always there for us. Pirming yaon ang barkada asin kaklase sa pagtabang sa paggibo nin assignments and projects, pagtabang sa quiz (lalo na sa henerosong paghiras kan simbag), sa ? a papel, sa ballpen, sa penlight, sa relo, sa BP app, minsan sa ward, sa lakwatcha, sa jamming, sa irinuman, sa pag-adal, sa awto (avail), sa libre sa bulastugan, sa pakakan, sa trip asin sa kalokohan. And even at this point of success, thank you for our friends and classmates! Every memory we all had is worth cherishing. ( And of course, to our noble, great, well-equipped, dignified, magnificent, excellent, important, distinguished, splendid, intelligent, fashionable, jolly, amiable, approachable, outgoing, helpful, generous in whatever kind, in short, MAJOR na MAJOR na Clinical Instructors. I ran out of adjectives there!

Thank you for sharing your expertise to us. We cannot erase the fact, that more than anyone else, you take a huge part of the bulk of this success. We might never know Florence Nigthingale, the community, the family, the abnormal conditions and risks without you. Hindi sana namin nalaman ang komplikado ngunit “masayang” mundo ng fluids and electrolytes, acids and base, diabetes, scoliosis, hypertension, pneumonia, encephalitis, rabies, cancer, vaginismus at priapism at an pag-intindi sa mga nawawalan ng tuliro kung wala kayo. We just cannot discount the fact how important you were in this achievement.

We don’t know how to pay you back with all of your help to us! I wish, that what we did, 89. 56%, is enough to repay all your assistance in our academic life even in our moral life. Maams and Sirs, taos-puso po kaming nagpapasalamat sa tulong niyo. We can only hope and pray that you continue sharing what God has given to you to all aspiring nurses for the fulfillment of their dreams and mold them as true Vincentian Nurses as you did to us! I must admit, you are our pride and you’ll be forever be in our hearts! MABUHAY ANG MGA CLINICAL INSTRUCTORS NG USI! (

After the Boards, it was my whole family who fetched me from my testing center to travel back here in Naga. On the way home, I was singing joyfully the songs played on our stereo, which I know because it was all Gary V’s. Mama told me: “Garo baga Noy, sigurado ka ng pasado sa pagkanta mo. ” They felt that I was so confident with the Boards that I don’t really feel any pressure at all. But the truth is, what a relief I felt when I saw my family supporting me all the way through the toughest tests of my life; that after the very long two-day examination, you’ll have your family with you very eager to hold up and pray for you.

And at this momentous event, we also salute to our parents and benefactors for the struggle and their hopes they have for us. An pagmata nin amay para maghanda nin kakanon, an pagplantsa kan mga bado, sa pag-antabay sato puon kan elementary pa lang kita, an pagtabang sa paggibo nin assignment, an pagdispuner para sa pang-tuition, as pagsakripisyo ninda para matawan kitang balon, an pagintindi kan mga hinahangad ta, an pagtios para matawan kita kan gabos na kaipuahan ta, gabos iyan ginibo ninda para sato. There sacrifices and efforts are unfathomable.

We could only wish that we could pay them back as much as they gave to us. In our own little way, we can. Let’s make every moment with our parents as if it’s our last. Our parents are just wonderful! They need all the love in the world from us! To our parents, MABUHAY KAYO at binuhay niyo kami! ( Ultimately, to our INA, our Lady of Penafrancia and to GOD, our Savior and Creator. I’m a witness of the weekly reunion of our batch in San Francisco Church every Wednesday praying for the divine intercession and grants of our petition under the name of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Even on my room during the In-House Interview, I have my friend saint there, St. John the Evangelist which became our symbol of dependence to his intercession. We know how futile we are without the help of INA and our God. We’ve asked so much and obviously, they didn’t let us down. At this point, we should not forget also to thank our INA and God for all the blessings we received through the days. We couldn’t be any happier with this great achievement in the time of our Tercentenary Celebration in Honor of INA!

We thank God and INA for all the blessings and ask them to stay with us, throughout our lives. ( For the last time, I will say once again my last post on facebook before the Boards. “This achievement is for ourselves, for our parents, for our school, for INA and for Him. We’ve done our part as much as we could, knowing our capabilities and limitations; and we left the rest to Him and He did not fail us. We rely on Him as we continue this journey. And at this point, we can proudly say: “The battle is over, and once again, we’ve won it! ” MABUHAY ANG NURSES NG PILIPINAS! Magandang Hapon! (

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