Technology Does Makes Life More Convenient Assignment

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In the past twenty years technology has made a tremendous impact on the world. Technology has made communicating with others a lot easier and faster with the use of cell phones, text messages, instant messages, emails, and face book. The old days of sending a friend a letter or card through the mall service has gone away. Now days, people rarely talk to each other on the phone most prefer to send a text message. What does this say about today’s society?

Is everyone really that busy? Although, technology has change the way the world communicates, It also has Improved In other areas such as the workplace, Internet, computers, schools and In the medical and law enforcement fields. There are many ways the world has changed with the advancement In technology and here Is what can be learned. Being able to receive or send a message instantly Is convenient for a lot of people. But, at times the message can be misinterpret as something the sender was not trying to say.

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This could possibly upset the person that received the message, and the sender may have to call the person to explain their message. Any confusion or misunderstanding lulled been prevented with a simple phone call from the beginning, but it appears everyone like the convenience of quick responses. Teenagers are notorious for testing or being on Face book and Mainstream posting pictures or daily stats of what they are doing. Face Book is a social network allowing people to communicate from all over the world.

Many times, people are reconnecting with old friends or family members that they may have lost contact with. Social Media website is being used to promote a little bit of everything from birthdays, upcoming events, talk shows, music and the recent Presidential elections. Some employers and police agencies are using Face Book to track person behavior or their whereabouts. Now, this may seem a bit outrageous, but social media is becoming the normal way to find and communicate with someone.

In today’s world, everyone seems to be extremely busy with work. School, kids and family things. Businesses and organizations are looking for ways to automated and stream line certain services for their customers. These companies are Investing more money into advanced technology, which is allowing the customer to do things online. Customers now have the option to pay bills, shop or browse a equines website anytime. Twenty years ago, this was not an option for the customers, no more standing in long lines, or being on hold for a representative to help.

Furthermore, technology has made a huge Impact on education starting from pre-school all the way to college. Early childhood learning technology devices are being used In classrooms as well as at home. There Is a wide variety of learning devices Like the V-Tech, Leap Frog and Phonics to help a young child with ABACAS, numbers, sounds, and colors. A lot of elementary, middle and high schools have more computer labs and computers In the classrooms. College students now have the option to register and take classes online.

Students can now research assignments and projects on the internet, no need to go to the library. Technology in ways to help businesses are installing security alarm systems and surveillance cameras to protect their properties. People can buy alarm systems for their vehicles. Metal detectors are being installed in schools and at the airports. Auto car makers are now designing cars with the GAPS navigation systems, rear mounted radar and night vision with pedestrian detections. Lastly, the most important advancement in technology is with deiced and law enforcement fields.

Doctors can diagnose patient’s illness/symptoms and possibly prevent death a lot quicker. Many doctors are using the x-rays imagine, CT scans, Mr. and heart monitors to identify illness. Years ago, doctors did not have this equipment and patient’s symptoms went unnoticed. Law Enforcement vehicles have computers which allow an officer to look up license information, view photos of a criminal, criminal history and warrants for people. Also, Law Enforcement can now identify criminals involved in a crime using DNA (Dexterity Nucleic Acid) which is the emetic material of a human cell.

The technology in the 21st Century has indeed made the world a lot convenient. Some people may view technology as a barrier and making people lazy. But, for the most part technology has changed the world for the better. Without, the inventors of all these products many people may have died, more criminals would be on the streets, kids may not be as computer savvy. A lot of people have been able to get in contact with a long lost friend or family member. So much has been learned from technology and it has made life a lot easier.

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