Has Technology Simplified Modern Life? Assignment

Has Technology Simplified Modern Life? Assignment Words: 679

Our world today Is changing fast due to the Introduction and upgrading of technology. Most people say technology has brought positive results because of the improving social well being in our societies, whereas there are skeptics about that. Nevertheless if there was no technology you wouldn’t have been able to read this document. Technology has enhanced modern life In many ways two of them being communication and transportation. Before the Invention of telegram and telephones, moving information from one place to another for long distances was quite Hellenizing and unmanageable.

If we look at it today, information can be conveyed from one end to another swiftly within an instant. The global news networks have helped people all over the world through informing them. For instance, news can be presented on what is happening on the other side of the world Instantly, weather forecast and natural disasters are foretold before they occur. Transportation means have improved significantly. Goods and people can be transported from one destination to another reliably and efficiently resulting in building up of the economy and social well being of a country.

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Technology has cut distance between people and brought the world together making our lives quite easy and convenient. Education systems have improved quite well although some developing countries have obstacles on upgrading their technology because of other matters. It is now easier to do an academic research or work because of the internet, television or using other specific types of advanced machinery. One Roman Catholic Priest stated that the Information and knowledge of the Bible has taught quite a lot of people since the creation of Backbone and Twitter”, Distance learning of certain programs can also be one through the Internet.

Medical institutions have improved in terms of examinations, treatments, and researches all over the world, leading in improvements in life expectancy and mortality rates of many countries. Treatments for many diseases which are too many to outline, are being discovered. Furthermore, preventive treatments are improving for previously deadly diseases Like WAITS, tuberculosis and cancer. The introduction of new technology as well as upgrading of medical equipment has reduced the spread of these infectious diseases.

Due to new medical technology, the majority of the people In the world now have Technology has simplified our lives but in some ways it has also brought up some negative impacts. Although technology has improved medical treatment, it has brought danger to people’s lives. For example the creation of Genetically Modified Organisms (Smog’s) which are claimed to have contributed to the development of some cancerous infections. Technology also has harmed the environment in many ways.. Oils and fumes from vehicles and factories has caused air and water pollution causing the destruction of plants and animal life.

Most people do not know that chemicals used in refrigerators contain fluorocarbons that contribute to global warming. School children these days are spending more time on media than on their academic work or talking to their siblings or parents. David Volvo an Tautology’s surgeon said heavy technology use is linked to fatigue, stress and depression in young adults” Although he does not explain how but I would like to believe it is true. Technology has improved the search of information; students now Just go online rather than physically going to the field or library.

Most things are now being done through the internet; that is shopping, school work, banking and work assignments. Because people do not move their bodies due to technology, it is literally killing our social behavior. Some people have become overly dependent on technology as a result making them lazy and ignorant of other aspects of life. Technology has simplified our lives but we should use it wisely knowing what can occur in the future as a result of its use. Has technology simplified our lives or it has destroyed it? It’s now up to you to decide. But I urge you to think twice before you use it.

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