How Chromebooks/Technology Can Help You Learn Assignment

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First of all, Chromosomes are very easy to use If you know how to use them correctly. With Chromosomes, the world is at your fingertips. So many things are possible with technology. Google Drive will let you easily share documents with other students and teachers whether it is an essay from the student to the teacher, or it is assignments or a discussion. They also make very easy for student – teacher communication and/or cooperation. Chromosomes run on Google Chrome, which is Just like any other internet browser if not better.

Google Drive and Google Docs will let multiple people or groups work on the same paper. For example, say you split your students into four groups. Then You shared a paper of twenty questions with the groups. Then you could have group one do questions one through five, group two do questions six through ten, group three do questions eleven through fifteen, and group four do questions sixteen through twenty and you, the teacher, could watch the paper’s progress as the groups answer the questions, To get on Google Drive from a regular PC all you have to do Is go to www. Google. Com and click the red “Sign In” in the top right corner. Then all you have to do is enter your surname and password like you would on your chromosome. It is also very easy to search because your chromosome is run by Google and Google Chrome. The only thing you have to do to search is click one button and you can type in what you want to search. Research that used take hours or even days to find can now be found In only minutes. Chromosomes have almost no Internal storage. This Is why they can boot up In only.

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This can save the five to ten minutes at the beginning of class Everything you make is stored on the Cloud, online. That means that you can access your Google Docs from anywhere there is Internet with NY computer without having to carry a flash drive or SD Card with only your surname and password. This also makes them very light and a little bit fragile. They aren’t big and cumbersome as some laptops can be. They are easy to carry and easy to store as long as you do not place anything on top of them or they can break Like my friend’s did when It was It In his locker with a book on top of It the screen broke.

It saves time as you can type a lot faster than you write. Also, if you have a paper you can email it or share it on Google Drive instead of having to get it to the recipient personally. With some things on the web, the teacher can watch what his/her students are doing all from her computer without the students knowing. With pencil and paper, the teacher has to walk around the room to see what the students are doing and the students can see you and students have time to put the stuff they are not supposed to be doing away.

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