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This paper explores the advancements in technology and focuses on how it relates to the lives of college students and businesses. It includes a Journey through time and shows technology evolving. Technology is dissected throughout the paper from entertainment to strictly professionalism. This paper shows how important technology is and its value to daily lives as college students and businessmen. It even discusses how technology will affect the future of business and could change lives. It explains positive and negative affects.

The more technology obtained, the more sources there are to create newer advanced technology. Keywords: Business Communication, Technology, Entertainment Technology has always existed and immediately began evolving the day humans were created to use it. Technology is simply the usage and knowledge of tools. This can lead to certain techniques, systems or even methods of organization. Technology extends our abilities to change the world. As technology evolves into the 21st century, it encompasses the daily lives of most people, particularly the college realm to the business world.

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It is safe to say that new technology will entirely transform higher education and business communication, even more so than today. In order to examine how technology affects the world today, it is important to understand how technology has improved through the years. Examining the definition, technology obviously allows humans to cut, shape, or put together materials. Therefore, technology can always be improved by using newer tools invented from newer technology. It expands the ability to reach farther with ones hands, voices, and senses (Science Net Links, 2010). Phones are the best examples of how technology evolves.

The new smartness would not be possible to make twenty ears ago. Many factors had to fall into place first including the simple invention of a digital clock. The clock originated when Egyptians invented the sundial centuries ago. Today there is a clock on every wall, in every room and inside every cell phone. Nevertheless, other inventions such as phones, cameras, maps, music, cell phone towers, and even flashlights were invented years before the smartened was thought of to incorporate all of these gadgets into one. In fact, it was not until 1965 that E. A. Johnson created the touchstones monitor.

Surprisingly, it was invented to control the IR traffic in the U. K. And was not intended for a cell phone usage (Past and Present Technology 2011). This proves that touchstones technology was invented almost fifty years ago; this technology has been evolving and improving ever since. It is safe to say that everyone uses technology today. Even in third world countries, if a little boy uses a stick to kill an ant, that is still technology in the simplest state. On the other hand, relating to college students and businesses, technology has improved work performance, communication, and even motivation through exciting new tools.

Most dents take about fifteen credit hours of classes and going to school everyday with a pencil and paper eventually gets boring by college. Fortunately, students now bring computers and tablets to class. They can type all day reducing hand cramps or record teachers lectures using technology. Of course faster computers means that students and employees can get more work done in less time. Just recent technology advances for computers have almost tripled the speed of computers than five years ago (Science Net Links, 2010). Newer technology allows teachers to use smart boards and projectors that help improve teaching.

They can quiz students on the spot using technology and keep the students motivated to pay attention. Teachers can reply to emails, put assignments online, and even post grades up for students to examine at home. Technology is important no matter what it is used for. In addition, technology has recently eliminated gaps across countries, improving communication and global business efficiency. No one is exactly sure what future technology holds. There is no guarantee however the possibilities are endless at the rate technology is developing today.

There have been ideas of turning salt water into gas for cars. If this were successful it would solve the high gasoline prices. There have also been ideas of putting computer chips underneath ones skin as seen on Opera. Apparently they would contain all personal information including social security and credit card information. These ideas seem farfetched but could be closer than imaginable. There have been several movies that dream of flying cars and futuristic gadgets captivating young minds. It would be foolish to believe that none of these technology advancements could happen.

Just like the touchstones invented for controlling air ravel, mankind may be only a few steps away from a break through in technology that could completely change how life is day to day. Businesses must be prepared for up-coming changes. Entrepreneurs should also be aware of the opportunities at hand. Nevertheless, businesses that can incorporate technology advances into their organization will be well equipped to succeed. If a business chooses not to develop with technology then it will surely lose profit as newer generations are raised accustomed to the advancing technology. Small businesses will be more successful as technology advances.

For example, now that phones have maps and APS, it becomes much easier to find local businesses that struggle to get their name out there. Some maps even include a three dimensional view that can zoom right up to the front door of a business. In addition to getting small businesses on maps, there are also great opportunities for advertisements. Businesses can advertise locally or even during halftime of the super bowl to the entire United States. Internet has become easy enough for all ages to use. Businesses can pay to have their own websites or advertise on social media for thousands of people to see.

In fact for every dollar a business spends on advertisement, it is suggested to profit three times the money spent (Matthew, 2011). Small businesses also give Jobs to several local employees. They create Jobs and boost our countries economy creating monopolies and decreasing corporate takeover. One of the most successful small business promoters is actually an app for smartness called mille! “. It allows locals to search for restaurants, entertainment, bars, etc. It includes the prices range, directions to the business, pictures, and even other people’s comments about the business.

In conclusion, one could even suggest that technology advancements for smartness increase small business promotion and success. Technology has improves the lives of college students with every advancement. The percentage of adults, females, and minorities attending college is increasing year by year. Adults over 25 are attending college most likely because of the economy and Job market. However, college is time consuming and difficult to Juggle especially if one has another Job or kids. Technology helps those with busy schedules. People need classes that fit easily into their lives.

Online college is becoming more respected and acknowledged across the country. One does not actually have to attend a real classroom to get their college degree. Technology gives these students the ability to choose their own class schedules and get the same degree over a period of time completing classes on the Internet. Sometimes these classes can be difficult without a physical teacher to explain every detail. However, technology advancements have made communicating with teachers simple and easy. Today interactive self-taught computer programs can teach students anything from calculus to Mandarin.

In comparison to impressive online colleges, most real colleges now have mandatory computer courses. It is required to pass classes on Microsoft word, power point, and excel in order to graduate from most respected colleges. This can be frustrating to some students, but these courses are appropriate to prepare its students for the business world. Why would a business hire a new employee that did not understand simple Microsoft software in this technologically advancing world? Drifting away from the business realm for a second allows one to focus on how technologies affect entertainment today.

Music, movies, video games, and social media are some of the quick distractions that humans love in this fast paced world. Music moves people; it affects their moods and can motivate people like no other. As technology expands, music becomes easier to produce, download, and design exactly the way one desires. New music and movies are made every day captivating audiences across the globe. These distractions from daily life bring us Joy and entertainment that past generations never experienced. Teenage boys and even grown men are sucked into fantasy worlds called video games. Certain games can connect people on opposite sides of the world.

In addition to keeping boys out of trouble, video games can activate imaginative minds. One person’s idea can become a reality through another person’s efforts advancing technology and improving life further. Social media, however, not only entertains but also has connected millions of people through the touch of a button. Some people are obsessed with social media creating a fake life on the Internet that seems better than their own, yet the benefits outweigh the negatives. There tend to be several fake people and scams across the Internet but the reality is people have never been so close to one another.

Family members can keep touch of each other by a simple web page or a series of pictures. Guys can flirt with the girl of his dreams that he never could talk to in person. And Mothers can keep tabs on their children that forget to call time to time. None of these things would be possible without the recent technological advancements. As mentioned earlier, technology is extremely important for businesses. Not only for small businesses but also internal and external business communication. Internal business communication can motivate employees, simplify work, and get memos to the entire employee staff with the click of a button.

As technology advanced, Emails and reports became easier to transport, print, or change devices through Bluetooth, text messages, etc. Work is more efficient than ever as employees can project images off their phone onto a wall or even a nearby television. As for external business communication, businesses can save money using technology (Ho. Y. S. 2012). Instead of sending employees all over the world to speak with other global businesses technology allows for video conferencing. With the use of a smart board, two separate businesses in two different locations can speak face to face with one another about important topics.

Talking on the phone is productive but face-to-face encounter improves trust between two people or businesses. It becomes unnecessary to waste money and time traveling when technology advancements in video conferencing are improving everyday. Video conferencing was a huge technological advancement for businesses but it is also important to understand how this will affect families and friends. As Peacetime and Seep improve, video phone calls become accessible to the public. Friends and family now have the ability to talk and interact face to face anywhere in the world.

This is an amazing technology advancement but it consequently allows for people to move away from home with less feelings of guilt (Exam, K. J. 2004). Some people want to stay home but for those that desire to travel and explore the world, they can now do so and still stay in touch with family and friends and even run a business from home. As technology advances it is likely that diversity will increase across nations and the world will not seem so large as it did fifty years ago. There are aridly any downfalls to technology advancements since they are invented to help our lives.

However, there are certain things that people may need to be aware of. In addition to scams on the Internet and fake profiles that can deceive you, there is also a risk of getting exploited, harassed, or fired because of the Internet. Not only can someone change what you said to make you look bad, but people can lie about you, put nude photos on the Internet, or even find something that you did years ago. As technology advances, the Internet expands and people become more venerable. The only advice to give is to be careful what you put on the Internet.

If one is caught doing illegal activities or telling racial Jokes they could be fired immediately. One should never put anything on the Internet that they would not want their future boss or wife to see. Technology is almost always associated with electronic devices. While this paper focuses primarily on this and business communication, one cannot forget what technology actually is. Technology is the usage and knowledge of tools so is seems as if everything is technology. Technically the usage of a water bottle is technology and performing push-ups to get a bigger chest would also count.

However, as technology advances mankind created better water bottles and better work out routines for chests. This does not mean that old technology should be invalid. Push ups will still get a chest big, but a Bobble may get a chest bigger with less work and that is what technology advancements are all about. As college students enter into the professional business realm, it is important to be aware of technological advancements that could improve their work with less effort. In conclusion, technology is a never-ending advancement. Every new invention creates better tools that enable us to create newer inventions.

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