People Have Become Dependent on Technology Assignment

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Our world Is changing rapidly. Day by day we are getting modern. With getting modern we are automatically getting In touch with the technology. Since the ginning of time, men are trying to Invent something which can make our life easy. We are now living In 21st century; our lives have been already blessed by the technology. Our lifestyles have already changed and are still changing because of the technology.

Due to technology world have become more advanced with the wonderful gifts of technology such as computer, cell phone, internet, automobiles, medical equipment and more. These things are becoming more prevalent as technological future advances that people now demanding for more. Technology made our everyday activities simple, smarter and faster like we will now never lose our track because GAPS will guide us to our destination.

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If anyone attacks us we can save ourselves by better arms and shields for better defense. Not only these, If we want to know news about world, TV will let us know as well as it will be entertaining us. If we want to visit any place transport will take us there. To remove the darkness of night bulb and tube lights will light our life. To malting our life more easily clock keeps us aware of time. To maintain temperature and for our comfort alarm condition and heater will help us during winter or summer.

Since, it has huge advantages in our life that is why people have become dependent on technology to enjoy the benefits of technology like ease of communication, medical advance equipments, modern study materials and for save time. New ways of communications make people lazy because people communicate with each other by e-mails, cell phone or internet instead of meeting each other face to face as an example- In past if people want to communicate they have to meet first and to meet they have meeting place to go this way they can be absent from being laziness.

Besides, new ways of communication Like Internet social network which sakes people addicted and It Is also the reason of decreasing human Interpersonal interaction which is the most basic and fundamental way of communication However, from birth people start to communicate with each other by voice, letters and gesture. To communicate more easily now technology brought us to new dimension and invented different ways such as e-mail, cell phones, and internet. To communication technology distance does not matter. People can talk with their friend or family by pressing single button on their cell phones, no mater how far from friend and family.

This is not only people can see each other from long distance or from one country to another via internet video conference. Moreover, through internet people can get connected by social network like backbone, twitter and more. With the development of communication technology, people are now getting closer and their relations are getting stronger as a example- when a son or a daughter went abroad for study, he or she being worried to see their family member for once so internet help them to communicate with their family by internet video conference which make their relation stronger.

Today’s people can save themselves from deadly diseases by having modern medicine as result populations are increasing which is burden for the country. Furthermore, modern medicine like sleeping medication and diet pills to cosmetic plastic surgery, more and more people are wiling to science for a fix. This opens up these scopes for misuse or abuse. Study conducted showed that high spending of medicine in the USA did necessarily have better life expectancy outcome compared to a lower spending country such as Cuba (World Health Organization, 2010).

However, we have our life which is gift from the Allah. We should care for it. But many dangerous diseases take our life such as cancer, aids and more. In this case, technology is helping us tremendously by providing modern medicine. Now, people can be cured from deadly diseases like cancer medicine which is became possible due to modern medicines machines. Besides, to test the patience disease, there are lots of modern medicine equipments. There are many side effects of using modern educational study material such as the impact on the reading and writing skills of the students.

When assignments and essays were written by hand, students make grammatical or spelling mistakes. Now- -days, with the use of software which corrects grammar and spelling automatically, it is easier to write documents with no spelling mistakes. It is shown that spelling mistakes are not random or careless mistakes, but rather they appear to follow certain patterns produced by habit from writing certain words (Anonymous, 2012). Moreover, the internet has also become an extremely potent research and information retrieval tool.

It is now arguably second nature for people to turn to the internet to source anything unfamiliar to them. Students who become too dependent on the internet also become weak at sifting information. This is a bad impact especially for students (Anonymous, 2013). Not only this but also sometime students do not use internet for education purpose rather they use it in wrong way by accessing porn websites not. Those are the reasons behind argument, but that “Give me an educated mother, I shall promise you the birth of a civilized, educated nation”, from this it is understandable that importance of education.

To make our education easy, technology brought advancement to this sector. Students can just stay at home while listening to their lecturers through the internet and can also get help from different internet education based websites. While it is about document writing and management is not a problem anymore with computer. Day by day everything is changing this way our education teaching style also changing for example- we use computer, projector and digital board for making easy the learn processes and enjoyable.

Now-a-days people use cell phones for gossiping rather than important conversation which actually the reason of wasting of our valuable time such as students talk with their friends for hour and hour, this way they are wasting their valuable time . Not only this, when people use internet, they spent huge time on social network like casebook etc to chat with their friends or to shear pictures. However, these may be true but, we have to understand of importance of time. As we know time and tide wait for none.

To save it more technology brought for us, transport, cell phones, internet etc. By using cell phone we can talk with anyone which save our time because if we want to meet them than we have visit that person place than we can talk which actually take lots of time. Moreover, our transport got too advanced that we can go many places in short time such as – if I want to go to Chitchatting from Dacha, I can go there with in less than an hour by plane. To save our precious time technology made lots of things and still working to make it more advance.


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