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Good morning sir Mejia, I’m Dana Mae Olivarez, Mary Ann Cacao, Dominator Deal Penal, Johannes Noble, Compel Parental, and Mark Anthony Danes. We are from Grade 8 – Gladiola. Can we barrow a few minutes of your time? 1 . Could you tell us something about your campus journalism experience? My experience about being a campus journalism, is enjoying what I am today even when it’s hard sometimes that you can’t attend your class.

But then, you ill learn how to be a good leader. 2. Why did you decide to pursue campus journalism? Someone told me that try to be a campus journalism, that’s pretty enjoying. Then, when already experienced to be the campus journalism, sometimes, I’ll go home late, and we need to finish the newspaper. I decided to pursue campus journalism. Because, know in the end, will become a knowledgeable person, and to be a professional one, and that is my answer to your question. 3. What is your job as managing editor? First, there are two types of managing editor, internal and external.

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I am an external managing editor, in the place where we create an article, or story in the newspaper , am the one who leads for cleaning the place because, our office is at the library. The next job of managing editor is when there is an event. Sometimes, other journalism are not available. First, we are the one who leads to interview those important people for the said event. As my job as an internal managing editor is, I’m the one who is responsible for creating a letter that is needed to submit for each and every classroom. 4.

What are the problems you encountered as a student journalist? The first problem of student journalist is when there is an event, and exactly you’re having your class, you need to be excused in the class. But for the exchange of that, is the Interview and time is the problem that encountered as student journalist. 5. How did you solve the problem? We asked our classmates if we have an assignment or activities to do, and sometimes if we have classmate who knows the lessons or what is the topic about, we asked them to know the lessons that have been attached.

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