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The City of Anita is built into the mountain Anita and has a very stone feeling to it. Different stairs circle around the city to help navigate around. There is no real clean system. The path ways feel somehow chaotic. Enterer’s Story takes place mostly in a Villa. It is also carved out of the stones of the mountains but has a wooden roof. Another major part of the city is the academy that is located at the top of Anita. It is clearly the beacon of the city that stands out of all other alluding and has something mystical yet it has the same humble feel as the rest of the city that is under the protection of its surrounding mountains.

Mages have the ability to move through teleporting across the city and other places in the world. Other, more common folk use animals and their own feet to travel long distances. The World friary is literally speaking a very dark place. Because there is no sun light, it is always dark. The people adapted to this situation using candles and magic to help with the darkness. The tragic of the war is felt throughout the whole world by dark colors to no colors. Story Synopsis A dim light appears that brightens up the door gradually when Netters was lying back on her chair to think about the last sentence she read.

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Her eyes began to become moment she hears a sum seeing some wisps flying through the library, illuminating the room revealing the hundreds of books. They flew for a while through the room and left in the same fashion they came through the open window. She is breathing hard and storms off to the window to close it. Walking back to the desk she hears some steps and whispering. Closing her eyes and telling her to calm down helps her incinerate on the task at hand. If she not passes the next assignment, Netters won’t receive her graduation tomorrow. Netters was always at the Academy brought up by her mentor.

Her parent’s sacrificed themselves in the Revelation War. Since she knew about the faith of her real parent’s she never felt complete. She was searching for her destiny ever since. Her mentor saw her potential but she wants to push herself to hard. Nevertheless she could convince him that she is ready and so he granted her to attend the trials, even though she was way too young. She sits down and looks over he instruction from her mentor. Everything up to this point she followed. Going to the Matriarchs Villa, staying there alone for this very night and study in the library.

But to perform the spell she needs to find the Eluvia. The one book she read wasn’t helping, so she put it away again. She decides to take a walk through the library and search for another piece of information that gives her the right clue. Again she hears a whisper above her, but this time she remains still by concentrating to find the next piece of information. Her eyes analyze quickly the different sections room the Histories of Year and the Goddess NY to the several Valier© short stories, but nothing seems to reference the elfish word.

Frustrated by the hours she wasted for this quest, she throws her chair to the floor, begins to curse her mentor and walk nervously around. At this very moment the whispering started to increase and she screams to the ceiling, where the voices came from. But there she saw something. Netters cleaned her glasses and couldn’t believe what she saw. Again equipped with her pair she saw three mirrors. They seem to portray herself but in an odd way. Like some sort of prophecy. One showed herself as a Warlock, surrounded by demons and creatures from the land where Breath is resting.

On the second mirror she sees an image of her as a Battlement, surrounded by the Valier©, aiding her against the forces of evil. Between those she encounters another mirror, glowing and almost giving her the feeling of inner peace: A Spirit-Healer helping the poor and sick and aiding those who have been injured in war. She closes her eyes and began to understand. Eluvia wasn’t a book or a spell. The elfish word stands for Path of Faith. Again she opens her eyes looking up and reaching out for the middle mirror. She is lifted up and consumed by the mirror.

As she wakes up, she is standing in the middle of the schools garden. Enterer’s Mentor is standing before her, giving her a smile and a nod. By this she immediately felt to have embraced the right Eluvia and to have succeeded her assignment. Primary Plot Points 1 . Cuteness showing Enterer’s one nature of being easy distracted, shown through the flying wisps. 2. Introduction of the first quest to find the Eluvia. 3. Netters searches for a piece of information in the library. . Distractions and suspense built up through the voices of the hidden mirrors. . Enterer’s frustration of not finding the required information. 6. Voices increase. 7. Mirrors reveal themselves. 9. Netters chooses a mirror. 10. Netters wakes up by her mentor in the garden of the academy. Characters The Student – Netters Netters is a fifteen year old girl with an edge to be inpatient with herself and others, in addition to be very ambitiousness. She feels to proof herself to be respected by others as her parent’s were. They sacrificed not only their lives but also their souls to eave the city during the Revelation War.

Funny enough, the citizens of Anita do respect her, including the academy Matriarch and her Mentor Jeer. They are mostly worried and she interprets it as a sign of not trusting in her personality and abilities. Her insecurity makes the other students a bit uneasy as she has a very rational approach to solve problems. In addition her dark hair and green eyes make her very mysterious. She never really smiles and feels to be cursed with a faith she yet needs to discover. Nevertheless she feels an undying love for her parent’s and her ambition o finish her trials has to do mostly with her personal quest to save her parent’s soul.

She believes that they aren’t lost forever, even though everything speaks against it. She tries to fight her own doubt and fear to fail on a daily basis and projects it in a lot of events onto her fellow students and instructors by giving them a hard time. Her new guardians, her mentor and the matriarch, gave her a sense of purpose by giving her the chance to become a mage. She never would admit it that she is deeply thankful that she can be at this very magical and fantastic place for talented humans. The Mentor – Jeer Jeer is for his age a very spirited and open-minded person.

He always enjoys working with the young once and has never given up one single soul in his whole carrier as an instructor at the academy. In Netters he found something special, but at the same time she is also his personal burden. He was a very close friend to her parent’s and performed the one spell to let them sacrifice their souls. Netters doesn’t know but she has given him the hardest time bringing him to a point to allow her to perform the trials, even though a student needs to be eighteen. He believes that he needs to give Netters everything to pay off his debt and has sacrificed a lot to do so.

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