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At the conclusion of this course, students Be familiar with core concepts in management and organizational behavior Understand how management and behavioral science theories apply to real life Have explored major issues and trends in these fields Understand some requirements of working in a virtual, online world Format Since this is a hybrid course, understanding the format is very important. The course will cover a number of chapters each week. Topics for each class will typically be introduced using a pre-class Online Activity (AAA) designed to give you quick exposure to the topic to be discussed.

AS may consist of watching a video, eating a case, news or periodical article in advance, and/or completing a self- assessment, questionnaire, or contributing to an online discussion. Several AS are graded on a Credit/No Credit basis (you will see either “1” or “O” points in Model). All AS have specific opening and closing dates. Opening and closing dates for each exercise may vary. Opening and closing dates are displayed on Model, and will not be changed during the course of the class. You are responsible for keeping track of all opening and closing dates.

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If you miss an AAA you cannot re-take it. AS cannot be re-opened once their deadline has passed. While some AS are due the evening before your class meets and many of them are Other AS will remain open (meaning you will be able to submit responses) until the Sunday evening after that weeks class, and they will close only on this Sunday evening, prior to when the next topic is due (the week after they opened). Usually, AS will open the week prior to when the particular topic is discussed. Anyone who submits the assignment after that date will receive zero credit. There will be approximately 14 As.

Again, you are responsible for keeping track of all opening and closing dates in Model. AS cannot e re-opened once their deadline has passed. In-class time will then be spent clarifying the material through mint-lectures, discussing material related to the chapter readings, and/or debriefing results from online activities. Post-class online activities will then consist of a Quiz (see below) and or other Assignments to be completed either individually or by your group. Written assignments will be worth up to 4 points and will be graded using a 4-point scale (4 A, B, 2 = C, 1 = D, F).

Deadlines for written assignments will be announced well in advance so that you have time to work in your groups. There will be approximately four Written Assignments. Keeping up. You will need to practice your conscientiousness Ana De persistent In order to succeed in this course. Since only half of the class meets in the classroom, you are responsible for the other half – which should/will be spent reading, studying, completing activities (both individually and as a group), and taking quizzes to ensure your understanding.

You will need to keep aware of and meet required deadlines, all of which are listed in the Syllabus, under the Class Schedule link, in Model’s Calendar as well as Upcoming Events blocks. Since all assignments will be posted and announced well in advance of the dude dates, no late assignments will be accepted and no exceptions will be made. So stay on top of things! Announcements in Model. This is where important messages, updates and information from the instructor will be posted and archived.

Everything you see here is also sent to your SUN e-mail account, which you are responsible for maintaining and checking regularly. You must use your SUN email account, not any other personal email accounts Powering presentations covering the textbook material will be available via Model or students to download and bring to class prior to each session. Q Forum. A class Q forum is provided in Model for students to post any question related to the class. Using the Q forum is highly effective because typically many students have the same question.

The forum will be checked, and questions will be answered. E-mails directly to the instructor should be reserved for questions of a personal or sensitive nature. Please avoid asking repetitive questions that have already been discussed in class. Readings. Reading and studying the assigned chapters before class is essential for woo reasons: (1) They often contain knowledge required to complete the Online Activities, which are due before class, and (2) much of the class time will be devoted to discussing, clarifying, and interpreting the material, rather than going over it for the first time.

Groups. For some assignments you may be required to work in groups, which will be assigned through Model. You can choose to work in your groups in any way you choose – in-person or virtually. If you chose to work virtually you can either use a Model Forum set up for this purpose, or Google Chat, which is available to every student as part of their SUN Gamma address. If you wish you may also use the time slot during the week that is freed up by the hybrid design. All group assignments will be submitted in Model.

To curb social loafing, all members will have the opportunity to evaluate all other members in their group at the end of their time working together via a Peer Evaluation and additional questions, and these evaluations will be factored into each student’s final grade for the group assignment. Quizzes. There will be approximately one quiz per week. Each quiz is open-book and consists of ten questions that cover assigned readings (10 points per quiz), in-class Locutions, Ana material Trot ten pre-class As. Can quiz Is available Tort a Limited time period that will be announced in class. Usually, but not always, the quizzes will open prior to when that topic is discussed in class, and stay open until Sunday evening after when the topic has been discussed in class. ) Clicking on the appropriate quiz in Model will call up the questions. There will be two attempts for you to take the quizzes. Only the score from your highest attempt will be counted. No make-up quizzes will be given – no exceptions. If you do not take the quiz within he available time window, you will receive zero points for that quiz.

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