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It Is an online based, tool to help with learning and Is also an electronic community center. It is a way for students and professors to interact personally through the web. This effective system offers classes collaboration and tools used for communication. It also has assessment features and allows access to a large amount of learning and teaching resources completely customizable by faculty through a secure portal. Statement of Problem Everyone is in agreement with the fact that a successful college/university is one ailed with students. From my experience with Community Colleges, Wake Tech is amongst the top ones.

Wake Tech has multiple Campuses, each one with its own uniqueness, and each on Is relatively close to one another. However not every Campus Is reachable to some students. Online programs through the Campus can change that. Because of Its convenience, campus can offer a great deal of flexibility to a students academic career. Campus is perfect for students who have the task of trying to balance their families, their work schedules or other obligations. With this program, students are able to balance easily while also being able to further their education. Campus is a great opportunity for the many students that are not able to attend their campus classes regularly because of previous engagements such as work or family obligations or athletics. Methods The best an most efficient way of starting up Campus is hiring the ‘Campus Project Development Team’ to design a secure portal through the schools blackboard website. Cost Campus cost almost nothing while the profits are limitless. Campus will cost teen $1000 to $5000 for each class depending on the amount of credits.

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These funds are to support the faculty in their part in providing course information to the developers of Campus. These two parties are essential to the success of Campus. The amount of profit we receive will be completely determined by the school. Most courses will be a profit of $1000 to $3500 a semester. With these numbers you will be able to make your investment back within a Fall and a Spring term. There will be courses that are only Campus accessible and normal courses. The ones that are Campus accessible will cost slightly more then normal courses.

However, students with normal courses can have Campus as well. Upon request from students, Campus can be added onto their tuition and used for their normal courses as well. Requirements Wake Tech Requirements: The course must be designed by the ‘Campus Project Development Team’ through Wake Tech’s Blackboard Cite. Content provided by the Professor must be able to work with Campus design team to be able to work properly online. Course must be able to convert readily to online delivery without exceeding the development cost sited above in the “Cost” section.

The department must accept responsibility for the curriculum presented and the quality of the instruction of the course. Professors must also be willing to use different methods to help communicate with online students better. Courses will only be available to students that have the proper prerequisites if they are required. The instructor must have basic skills with a computer. Student Requirements: Must pay for course upfront during registration period. Must have the proper prerequisites if they are required. Must have a valid blackboard ID.

Ex: Surname and Password. Must have basic skills Any absences of course or assignments failed to be turned in are 100% students responsibility unless proven otherwise. Feasibility This is a full-proof idea that will not only benefit Wake Tech financially but also benefit its students significantly. The numbers above, even though they are few, show profit almost instantly. This is the one and main reason why Wake Tech should use Campus. As for the students benefits, Campus is essential not only for convenient course but other great features as well.

Here are some examples of what you’ll find on Campus: announcements from your professors chat rooms course content course syllabi library resources news media resources online courses personal calendar that synchs with your handheld electronic device CONCLUSION Through its simplicity and convenience, Campus continues to thrive in Universities and Community Colleges all over America. Its role in campus life, even though virtual, is vital to most students success and goals. Every year, students drop out because they do not have time to attend classes and or ail out because they missed too many classes and are lost in the lecture.

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