HBCU Descprition Assignment

HBCU Descprition Assignment Words: 291

Clean University is one of the top Hubs In the nation. It Is ranked number seven In the college magazines. This institution has a lot of majors and minors to offer. Clan specializes in the biology, math, mass communications and early childhood education departments. When I first came to Clan University, my major was biology. My life dream Is to become an B/Gin. Things TLD go as smoothly as they could eave gone so I had decided to change my major so that I would stay In school.

As of now, my major Is human performance and recreation. With this degree, I plan to become a physical therapist. I plan to attend classes regularly and do my best In each assignment and homework assignment In those classes. If I am having a problem in the class, I will go talk to my professor one on one to get a better understanding of the information. I will get to know other physical therapists and study their jobs. I want to have a career in something that I would love to wake up each morning and do.

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I don’t want to dread going to my job on a daily basis. In class I will put forth my best effort with all the things that I am told to do. My plan will succeed because I will do everything the best of my abilities and stay focused. Will go on shadowing jobs to see what this Job is all about. I will get my name out there so when get my degree people are coming to me, offering me some jobs. Then I will be a physical therapist and everything will fall into place.

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