Sociology Global Socio Cultural Responsibility Assignment

Sociology Global Socio Cultural Responsibility Assignment Words: 1162

They will do this for two rounds. After the have made their lists, with the entire class, I will ask the students for some of the similarities they found and some of the differences and make a list of these. Than we will discuss the similarities and differences they gathered. Which differences were most common among people, which differences were most/ least important, were the differences physical characteristics. Period #3 Needs: The last period I will explain the meaning of responsibility in a community.

I will also have the students do a community building activity that will help them understand the concept and importance of social responsibility in there community. I will than explain the importance of being aware of global issues that take place and how as a class they can contribute to helping others even f they are not located close to them. The community building active¶y’ will start after I explain the importance of community and what it means. Ill divide the students into small groups of three and provide them with prosecuted scenarios to act out. The skits will provide them with examples of ways to help another student. An example would be a student helping another student with something because they may be disabled. After the groups have practiced their skits I will ask for two volunteers to perform their skit in front Of the class. I will than ask them questions such as, how was this group lawful to another student who was different? If you were in the situation would you do the same thing?

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Next I will ask the students to raise their hands and give me ideas of things they could do to help members in the class, in school or in the community. Some ideas would be picking up trash, cleaning the white boards or donating olds clothes they don’t need anymore. To end the lesson on Global Socio-cultural Responsibility I would ask the students to review what we went over: the three qualifications of social responsibility, the aspects of cultural responsibility and how they demonstrated a sense of Ewing a responsible member of a community in the classroom.

Last I will talk to my students about setting up a Penal. Assignment #1- Part #2 period #1 First lets start off with the question of what is social responsibility? These two words explain the idea that every person is responsible for society as a whole, not just individually, not just in the state of Florida or even the United States but all around the world. This means that each day we need to act and behave in the most appropriate ways that help us all be better people but we also need to consider how our actions and behaviors affect the rest of society coolly and globally.

How can you be a socially responsible student? The following are three qualities that describe a socially responsible second grade student at Sarasota Elementary: 1 . Someone who contributes positively to the classroom and school community An example would be holding the door open for your classmates on the way to lunch or helping pick up trash around the classroom. 2. Solves conflicts in peaceful ways An example would be a student who uses kind words to speak to another student if they happen to get into an argument. . Values diversity Diversity means a variety of something. Valuing diversity means we need to be aware of all of the differences among our classmates and other people in the world. The important thing to remember is that these differences are what make us who we are and we should be open to different things and never tease someone if they seem different from what we are used to. Showing that you value diversity is very simple!

Here are a few ways you can show that you appreciate the differences that makes each of us special: never make fun of people who are different from you in any way, next time you go out to dinner with your parents ask them if you can go somewhere with food room another culture, treat everyone how you would like to be treated and last believe in yourself and be proud of the different things that make you who you are! Period #2 practiced their skits I will of the Class. Will than ask helpful to another student would you do the same it- and give me ideas of thin! School or in the commune the white boards or Donald the lesson oral Global Socio( review what we went over aspects of cultural response being a responsible Renee to my students about stet Period #1 First lets start off with the wards explain the idea HTH not just individually, not but all around the world. Behave In the most paper also need to consider hove locally and globally, How following are three quality student at Sarasota E-Ellen [he classroom and school open for your classmates the classroom 2.

Solves c An exorcise evolved he a SST student if they happen to Diversity means a variety be aware of all of the Tift the world The important make us who we are never tease someone if try Showing that you value did sham that you appreciate make fun of people who out to dinner with your pi from another culture, last believe in yourself an. Second we will discuss the cultural part of Global S Responsibility. What does the word culture mean? Efferent attitudes, behaviors, knowledge, values, TTL a society or a social group all share.

These differed the world and are the "glue” that keeps a group of food item that is part of the Italian culture, SST. Patria holiday and part of the Irish culture and the Merit American culture. For all of us to have cultural rest honor diversity in our world. Honoring diversity MFC focusing on the flaws, we need to focus on the go diversity among cultures we need to be aware of h cultural groups might feel about certain issues like. Traditions. Period #3 The last part towards understanding Global Socio-( realizing the importance of community.

Common who acknowledge the deep connections they have each other’s differences, and work as a group in m. Community of people also has a common purpose responsible for his or her own actions but when you it is important that everyone supports each others all create our own community. This might all be a l’ what we have learned today think it would be a each of you to start writing to a Penal. This will he cultures and other countries and allow you to be things that are going on in places other than just h. Will be a good way for you to really learn the true d students your age plus its always nice to have anal Assignment #2