Social Networks Pros & Cons Assignment

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More Harm Than Good Social networking websites such as popular Faceable and Twitter cause issues with occupations and careers, relationships and marriages, education of our future leaders, and a total breakdown in communication. – It is proven that as social media becomes the latest branding strategy, networking technique, Job seeking tool and recruitment method, it’s becoming the latest way for people to get Job offers rescinded, reprimanded at work and even fired. – Education as a result of social networking has negative effects.

Go to Yahoo Answers and see how many people use networking to try and answer their math homework or the science equation they need to balance. Thousands, if not millions of students immediately turn to social networking to be able to complete their homework (for them). For students today, they forget the need to filter the information they post. Many colleges and potential employers take a look at an applicant’s social networking profiles before granting acceptance or interviews.

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Most students don’t constantly evaluate the content they’re publishing online, which can bring about negative consequences months or years down the road. – In this technological decade, social network has become an indispensable thing. No matter what we are doing, we will use it. A social networking site can be defined as an online service. Social networking sites include Faceable, Friends, Twitter. It allow us to have an account to meet new friends, entertainment and moreover. Although there are a lot of advantages, but in my opinion, it brings more harm than good. We usually can notice there are many advertisement of inline business in every site. Some of them are with fake information are used to scam the ignorance people to buy their items. You will realize that already being cheated by them after you bought their items or you won’t even get your item after u make the payment. – Some of these students, as a result of doing this, learn the information and go on to answer future questions correctly, thereby having bettered themselves as students.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help, either from professors or peers, and it is something which is often encouraged by educators. Several of these Yahoo Answers give detailed responses on how to solve any particular problem, and are vital resources for which students are able to easily gain the knowledge they need, and further their education. But how many of them actually do? Very few. Most would blindly copy Just so they will get the marks for that assignment or work. More Good Than Harm First of all, let us understand what it is we are debating here.

We are debating social networking sites. Not Just one or two specific sites, like Faceable, or Namespace, but social websites as a whole. So let us put forth a strong definition to fit the topic. Social Networking Site: Any websites which facilitates communication between two or more individuals. – communication between human beings, online, rather than websites allow for human interaction over great distances. They allow people globally to connect with one another, share ideas, express desires, form bonds of friendship, and discuss similar interests.

We live in an age where if someone feels alone or isolated, quickly using a search engine like Google could bring you to a forum of people who share your same feelings, alleviating the pain of solitude. Social networking sites allow humans a place to retreat to after a hard days work, or a long day of school. Indeed, the only difference between a social networking site and a gathering of friends in a public space is that using the website makes it easier to connect! – To blame social networking sites for something that others do is misplaced blame.

The existence of these websites do not force companies and employers to do what they do, they do it of their own desire. And taking away social outworking sites will not prevent this from occurring, employers will simply look elsewhere, as they have done, for information on their potential employee. They’ll call relatives and references, and gain information about you that way. And in older times, when communities were smaller, they would ask around the town for information. So the actions of employers to seek out information on their candidates for hire is nothing new, and cannot be blamed on social networking sites.

All these websites do is give employers another potential source of information about you. Most social networking websites will not give rise to his kind of problem, because most websites allow for the creation of “Surnames”, or names specific to an online site. I am sure, for instance, my opponents name in real life is not “shack”, nor is mine “The Chaos Heart”. These are fake names, or online names, made for a specific online environment. Most social websites you encounter on the web will be structured in such a manner, allowing for someone to construct surnames for themselves rather than use their real names.

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