Pros and Cons of Social Media Dating Final Assignment

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The social media has made a big impact on society today. There are many social media pages that one can use for online dating such as; Backbone, Namespace, Twitter, and even Mainstream. There are both pros and cons when it comes to online dating, people are never who they claimed to be and there are some relations do actually work. The benefits from online dating are that if interacting with people is not your thing, just simply write a message and get it over with.

Sometimes rejections are better when they are not face to face. “However, a fidgety, nervous guy who sweats when he sees a pretty girl may have a better chance sending her a Backbone message, which can be drafted and redrafted and edited and rewritten and shown to friends before sending, than approaching her in real life, so it does have its benefits. ” (Shucks, pr. 5) Expressing yourself from behind a computer is much easier. Have you ever had a question, but were afraid to ask the question because you were nervous?

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But when you get home you can ask a million questions without hesitation. One of the biggest advantages I see about online dating is saving money. You can sit at home wear whatever you want to wear and send messages back and forth and not spend a single penny at all. Once both party are comfortable and know each other well enough they can push it the next step and meet in person. Now some cons about online dating are that there are lot of people that will use fake pictures and profile.

For example; Manta Too, a professional footballer, was involved in an online dating hoax. He has never seen his ‘girlfriend’ before but they have talked on the phone. When he decided that he wanted to see his girlfriend, she made a ton of excuses not to see him. Later on in their relationship, she even lied that she was sick and dying because he didn’t want to be with her anymore. After a while, Manta found out that his ‘girlfriend’ didn’t exist. It was just some guy who was obsessed with him.

This story went viral because he was a professional football player. With all this being said you just got to be careful with who you talked to online. People aren’t who they claim to be. When it comes to online dating there are pros and cons. There are a lot of successful honest relationships and there are also ones that don’t work. But there is always the benefit of doubt when it comes to doing anything online. So next time before clicking, adding, and talking to someone online, make sure they are really who they claimed to be.

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