Social networks Assignment

Social networks Assignment Words: 476

The speech you will prepare will be 3-4 minutes long. Make sure you look at the instructions below and sample information provided to complete this assignment. There will be two grades assigned. Portion of your grade (30%) will be assignment to the written preparation which will be due the class before the start of your presentation. This written assignment will be uploaded on Angel. Make sure that you have submitted your first part. If it is missing you will not be allowed to present.

There will be a zero grade assigned. Your presentation will be rescheduled for another time. Reminder: Make sure that you do not change the content of your speech. You must follow the information that is in your written version. Thing you cannot do: Read from your notes continuously Depend on any pictures/ visuals/ power point slides Practice your speech ahead of time to be able to deliver in a timely fashion. Social networks are killing sincere relationships. (family, friends, coworkers,) Topic: Sample of your outline: Introduction Grab attention.

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Do or say something shocking, intriguing, or dramatic to get attention of the audience from the very first minutes. State your topic. Announce what your speech is about, and your position. Preview statement. Introduce main points of your speech. Body I & al O Introduce your topic. You need to explain your topic to those people who do not know about it. Do not go into the details, simple definition is enough. This speech element is required. 1 Explain your point. This is where you explain your view in detail.

O State your point 1 State a Reason 2 Give an Example Restate the Point Not to confuse the audience, you want to keep the number of points low. Best is to limit your speech to two main points. Conclusion Summary. Restate thesis and main points. Call to action. FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS In order to hold the attention of the audience, the speaker should remember several things. Using descriptive language to create vivid mental pictures will keep the audience entertained. Stirring emotion in the audience will provoke them to care about the subject.

After all, if listeners don’t care about a topic they’re unlikely to ATA focused or form an opinion on it. It’s important to find an angle for the chosen topic which has not been overdone in the past. For example, most people agree that smoking cigarettes is bad for their health, and will most likely be bored by a speech on this topic. If the speaker wishes to address a tobacco topic, perhaps they should narrow the focus of the speech to controversial laws, higher taxes, or methods to prevent smoking in youth. Choosing a fresh, new angle on a familiar topic will help the speaker to create a captive audience.

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