Social Networking Sites: Beneficial or Not? Assignment

Social Networking Sites: Beneficial or Not? Assignment Words: 603

At present time, the internet has a lot of effects among pupils especially on the way they learn their lessons. Before, if a pupil needs to research on something, the only way he could do so is by going to the library and read on different books which have related materials that he or she is looking for. But now, pupils already have a more convenient way on how to do their researches and that is by using the internet to search for related information all over the web. The internet actually has a lot to offer hen it comes to learning and education.

The teachers can actually send email announcements to pupils to keep them informed of all the things that the pupils need to know. This is actually one way on how to efficiently let the pupils aware of the new trends in the society since almost all pupils nowadays, especially teenagers, use the internet every now and then not Just for research purposes but also to communicate via different social networking sites. Many studies have proven that the internet is one of the most powerful sources of information for all races and cultures.

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Some school nowadays have eliminated the books and notebooks and changed them with laptop and emails. An increasing number of young generations prefer this modern technology over the old ways of studying. Internet can be helpful indeed to both pupils and teacher in many ways. Aside from its good effects and convenient on pupils’ learning, internet also has bad effects on the classroom performance of some pupils. Some pupils become “addictive” to it because they Page 11 of 26 can express themselves freely on these social networking sites by posting comments, hoots and sharing thoughts without living their houses.

Instead of doing all the research studies and surfing the net for their assignment, what he does is Just surfing the internet to updates his social networking profile’s page. We had tried to integrate the use of internet and social networking sites on our lesson as part of the activity. We gave them some topics for research to find out how well they are using the internet. We observed for the past few months that pupils tend to be online since they are using the internet to look for the answers to their homework.

We gave them some specific website and links so that they would be properly guided as well. We believe that the study would benefit the following: PUPILS: The result of the present study helps the pupils know the effects of using internet and social networking sites in their academic performance in school. The result of the present study may be useful for the teachers. With the study, the teacher may know how the internet and social networking sites can be helpful in executing their lessons. We will be able to know if using the internet frequently will be good for our pupils or not.

The result of this present study will determine the effect of social networking sites on the pupils. The school can extend help to the pupils by educating them about the good and bad effects of internet and social networking sites to their study. The result of this present study hopes to give benefits to parents. Once the parents become aware of the beneficial and non-beneficial effects of internet and social networking sites to their children’s study, they will be able to give proper parental guidance to their kids while using the internet. Page 12 of 26

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