Are social networking sites good for our society? Assignment

Are social networking sites good for our society? Assignment Words: 374

Social Networking Sites are Great! Everybody in America uses some sort of social network and It’s amazing. The use of social networks has made such of an amazing impact on our society by helping not only the government, but even everyday Individuals. Sites Like Backbone and Namespace has helped fight crime more effectively and efficiently. Not only that but It helps student’s do better In school and Increase the amount of people you will meet In your Twitter, the Little Birds Who Told. Pole use twitter on a monthly basis, not to mention all of the accounts that have been created that says where everybody lives or works (Yeah… Backbone stalks us, but don’t worry it’s for the good! ) Everybody giving out this information makes it easy to for the government to find criminals. Backbone the New Textbook Since the active use of social networks like Backbone student’s are able to ask their fellow student’s questions about homework assignments, this has helped raise student’s grades up by a huge 50%.

Also the amount of student’s who do extra credit assignments has increased by 20% along with that, never thought constantly talking to your friends would help you did you? Long-Distance Relationships are in. Backbone, Twitter, Youth and other social sites connect people all around the world, from a youth video you think is funny, inspirational tweet, to even a group on backbone has connected new people to each other with the same interests. Also not only this but being able to communicate with others has strengthened relationship.

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So Why Join a Social Network Today? If you join a social network you will be able to talk to your friends and family whenever you want. Meet new friends who Like the same things as you do, or Just blob about what you want to talk about. “l don’t want everyone knowing what I do though. ” If you feel uncomfortable with your information being out on the internet, don’t be. You are not required to say where you live or what you like, it is all voluntary. You don’t even have to use your own enamel You could go on websites like Omega. Com add only who you want.

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