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Bullying can stop. If students wear uniforms they can’t get bullied for what they wear because everyone is wearing the same thing. People get bullied for wearing certain clothes that are different from others. So, if everyone wears uniforms no one can get bullied for * Yes, they do wear uniforms. Because, what if they went on a trip and they did not wear uniforms? What if they went on a trip and the building caught on fire and there were a lot of people with no uniforms? No one knows, no one remembers, so think uniforms are a good thing. Think students should wear school uniforms There are more pros than cons with school uniforms in high schools. There is more modesty. No offensive logos, offensive texts, etc. I’m in high school and some of the clothes the girls wear are very inappropriate and immodest. So yes, schools uniforms should at least be considered in high school. I am 13 yr old * They give children the opportunity to focus more on schoolwork than their clothing. Instead of having to worry about designer clothes they can study. Years old. Uniforms, the school’s best school spirit clothes Students should wear uniforms to school because it can show school spirit, it educes bullying and you won’t have arguments with your parents about the money you are wasting on fashion clothing. Students won’t have to wake up early to pick out their clothes for school and if you bought a really expensive shoes just to show off at school, and your parents won’t let you wear them to school, what’s the point of buying those shoes? * We should wear uniforms to school. Think we should wear uniforms to school because some kids take it too far and dress nasty.

Then some people get bullied for what they wear and that is bad. Some kids try to wear the most expensive clothes in the world. Other people do not have that much money to buy fancy clothes. It will be affordable, too. So that is why I think we should wear uniforms all around the * Yes, students should wear uniforms. Students should wear uniforms for five reasons. First, it reduces conflicts and insecurities. It curbs violence and instills loyalty. It lessens financial expenditure. It promotes learning. It prepares for professional life. As you can see, wearing uniforms prepares the students for a formal, corporate life. Live all students should wear uniforms. Are school uniforms good or bad? This question has created debates in many schools. There are many different reasons for school uniforms. Some say that school uniforms represent discipline and obedience. F your school doesn’t have uniforms, you have experienced those days when you couldn’t decide what to wear. With Uniforms, you wouldn’t spend time in the morning choosing what to wear. You will pay less attention on clothes and you can concentrate more on your studies. Uniforms help us to develop self- discipline and obedience.

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If you go to a job interview wearing baggy clothes, most probably you wouldn’t get the job. Another advantage of wearing uniforms is that students won’t buy seasonable and expensive clothes which will save money. Also, wearing uniforms can help some students to avoid uneasiness from the side of their classmates. Sometimes students feel embarrassed if they are wearing cheap clothes. They will feel comfortable if everybody is wearing the same thing. * School uniforms should be required * There are more pros than cons with school uniforms in high schools. There is more modesty. No offensive logos, offensive texts, etc.

I’m in high school and some of the clothes the girls wear are very inappropriate and immodest. So yes, schools uniforms should at least be considered in high school. Students should wear school uniform so the former won’t be worried about what to wear. Students have been made fun of what they wear just because there cloth is not expensive enough, and students tell there parents that they want new cloth and the parents end up spending there money on an ordinary cloth. If students wear uniform than they won’t have to worry about that and if everyone wears uniform that they could even represent there school. Yes, uniforms are beneficial in school. Uniforms are beneficial for students. It saves time for students. They don’t have to wake up every morning worrying about what to wear. Also, it causes less distractions during school. You also don’t have to go shopping every week to buy new clothes to fit in with everyone. School uniforms make students fit in and apart of the school. It also gives them high school spirits. It also cuts down on cliques. * School uniforms rock! Educators and experts who are pro school uniforms believe that uniforms contribute positively to students’ behavior.

They believe that when students wear uniforms, they feel more professional and behave accordingly. Many educators believe that students can become distracted by fashion trends and status symbol clothing. Therefore, when all students are dressed in regulation uniforms, there is less focus on fashion in the classroom and more focus on learning. Schools without a school uniform policy still have rules on what clothing is and is not allowed in school. There are usually rules regarding modesty issues, visible logos, offensive text on clothing, gang colors and symbols and more. Teachers and administrative staff must monitor the students’ attire.

This is of course avoided when all students are in uniform. * Morgan Jane Guy Southward: Bullying needs to stop and that’s why students should wear school uniforms. Although some people believe students shouldn’t wear uniforms, it may be argued that they should to stop bullying in some schools. Studies show that 30% of students in the U. S. Are involved in form bullying. For one reason students won’t make fun of others style. Secondly, when kids are wearing the same uniform and their insulting another’s uniforms that person is insulting everyone else who’s wearing a uniform too!

It is important that bullying stops, and that’s why students should wear school uniforms. * Uniforms promote equality. If all children wear uniforms no one child will be singled out as poor or rearing cheap clothing. There will be less peer pressure. Children can concentrate on what they are there for and that is to learn! Teachers also can’t pick out a child as coming from a poor family. Some parents have less to gossip about if they can’t cut some other person down for the way they dress their child. The only reason I can see for someone not wanting this is they want to feel superior to others. Yes, but ‘we’ do not allow that to happen. Research has shown over and over that individuals will rank themselves not only between groups but also among groups. School uniforms are a way to UT a stop to some of the social ranking that exists between students. The issue is that schools often only enforce a shirt, shoe, and pant style rather than a specific brand. Why does this matter? Student A has on a white button down shirt with no logo but Student B has on a white button down shirt with a Polo logo.

Purpose of student uniform is now null and void in the sense of alleviating the social ranking among students. * Uniforms yes or no ???? Think they should because it makes them look smart and then it gets your school a good uniform reputation. As well as this it is easy to get ready in the ironing knowing what you are going to wear than choosing on outfit and taking for ages. So yes * Yes, Uniforms are necessary They give children the opportunity to focus more on schoolwork than their clothing. Instead Of having to worry about designer clothes they can study for their math test the next day. Looting. Instead of having to worry about designer clothes they can study for their math test the next day. Posted by: Anonymous * Yes of course they should. Well, first not everyone has ‘fancy clothes and everyone knows that some people get teased. It allows too much freedom and this should not be recited during teenage years, the usual rebel. Still on clothes, they will worry more about what they wear and not about they’re education, so you can imagine girls and boys every morning choosing their clothes for ages and not worrying about their books…..

There r heaps more, but I would just like to stress the fact about clothes, seeing as this is about uniforms * Lack of Originality and Expression If students wear school uniforms, they will have lack of imagination or won’t be able to show their expressions or originality. With school uniforms, they could also mistake one another for someone who they’re not. Schools should definitely not add school uniforms to to their school. The kids are there to learn, not to dress up. * THEY’RE DUMB and stupid You have to worry about uniform violations and worry about what your classmates think.

When we wear uniforms we surrender our free rights and we let the teachers unions [who I think own the country] boss us kids around . If we don’t do something [like protest] then we will contain ally be bossed around by the teachers [whose jobs aren’t to yell at us but to teach us]. We must stand up for ourselves! We must steal the mantle of power from the teachers unions. During the thing when teachers protested about how much money they get the teachers unions forced the teachers to protest or be fined a couple thousand dollars!

I’m just expressing my opinion, don’t yell at me! * Is our skin color all the same? Do not believe schools should have school uniforms. I believe it blocks the students ability to be different and unique. A student should be able to show how he is different and express them self. School is one of the biggest social area in a child’s life. They need to know how to express themselves. * Don’t take away more creativity No, I do not believe students should wear uniforms to school. School uniforms reinforce the idea that students are numbers and not individuals.

In a school System that is continually taking art and creativity out Of the hands Of students, I feel that this is a step in the wrong direction. * Bullying won’t stop. People say that it will help prevent bullying, but the truth is that nothing can help it. It won’t make a difference if we just make them all wear the same clothes. That doesn’t make the bullies think K am going to stop. There are more things about the kid maybe, how they talk or act, or their face or hair looks, not just the clothes they wear. * It is boring! Ally don’t think students need to wear uniform.

School uniforms are not comfortable while p. T. ,dance ,yoga etc . School uniforms are very irritating sometimes . Sometimes school uniforms can be good but ,mostly I don’t like them. The fabric of most of the uniforms are very bad making them very uncomfortable . * Don’t wear uniform clothes. Don ‘t take away more creativity. No, do not believe students should wear uniforms to school. School uniforms reinforce the idea that students are numbers and not individuals. In a school system that is continually taking art and creativity out of the hands of students, I feel this is a step in the wrong erection. E let the teachers unions [who I think own the country] boss us kids around. If we don t do something [like protest] Then we will continually be bossed around by the teachers [whose jobs aren’t to yell at us but to teach us] We From k and Steve! * Because it’s not comfortable to students. It’s not good for students to look ugly and not comfortable, so wear your own uniform and have a good day, and do not make fun of other students and do make their day with no bullying, and listen to the teachers and do not make any problems in school, the end. * School uniform opinion say no because… Ally would like to go to school in what want. School is for learning. And it won’t really Stop bullying if you all wear uniforms, they can still make fun of you for your hair color, skin color, hairstyle, etc. Uniforms make kids feel uncomfortable and that results into poor performance in school. There are positives to school uniforms but why do we need them? * Because we are giving up our rights!!!!!!!!!!!! If we get school uniforms then the students won it have the right of expressing themselves! But if we make a stand and protest we might be able to push that crap off US soil for good!

But if we continue to let school teachers, boards and councils push us around and tell us what to do it will not stop but only grow! * Students should not wear school uniforms. Uniforms are very uncomfortable. If students clothes are uncomfortable, the concentration of a school task Will lessen. With uniforms lets say that you will not spend time on your clothing. A student’s clothing shows a student’s personality. Uniforms, in one way, violates the student’s freedom of choosing what they should like to do or not. * It’s not about should or shouldn’t.

It’s up to the school on whether or not their students wear uniforms or not. I don’t see much of a difference between whether or not students do or do not wear them. Even if it does improve the overall look of a school, I don’t see it improving cohesiveness. When was young went to a school that had uniforms, and all the beliefs people have that it reduces cliques or ridicule among students are false. Everyone might have a uniform, but not everyone has the same backpack, or hairdo, or earrings, or book covers. Children will always find a way to pick at each other. Also, clothing is a way that teenagers express themselves.

With uniforms, many times students feel oppressed either than liberated, making them dislike going to school and not trust the faculty as much, which overall, is worse than letting them dress however they want and risking looking inappropriate. * they can wear any type of clothes * School uniforms sacrifice individuality. Kids should not be made to wear school uniforms because they take away originality. Yes, there are valid concerns about kids wearing gang colors etc. But shouldn’t the school system be able to tell the difference between self expression and a precursor to gang violence?

With this in mind, students should not be made wear school uniforms. Expressing Ourselves Through Art Some my say that students can express themselves through art and music programs in the school but the stuff they do is planed by teacher. They don’t get to choose what to create or what song they play on an instrument. So basically everything at school is controlled. They won’t even let us express ourselves! If we don ‘t do something [like protest] then we will continually be bossed teachers unions . During the thing when teachers protested about how much a couple thousand dollars!

I’m just expressing my opinion don’t yell at me! * No, we should not. We should not have to wear a uniform to school because it takes away our freedom to wear anything we need to wear, when ever we want to express our self and feel comfortable in what we are wearing. A uniform would not be comfortable would not make it through the day. * School should focus on other issues. Don’t think my child should have to wear uniforms. I think uniforms would cause more problems in the school system than they would solve. Schools should focus on bullying and academics.

I work hard and I want my child to wear what I choose them to. Having school uniforms would stifle creativity along with individuality. My personal view My personal view on school uniforms is simple, we shouldn’t have them! Not all of the kids look the same in body weight, skin color, hair color, etc. So why should one piece of clothing fit all of these kinds of kids? They say that it will stop bullying when I think it will increase it because it shows the flaws of different body types and will increase bullying because they don’t “fit the uniforms”.

It also doesn’t make sense because of all of the religions, some religions require certain garments which would separate them from the rest, making them stick out like a sore thumb! Over all, school uniforms while they re suppose to stop bullying are just going to increase it. Posted by: Anonymous * Be able to stand out Students should be able to stand out. They want to express how they really are. Students will also know what they like for when they grow up. If they like to dress sporty or if they like like to dress out. I think students should not have to wear uniforms. My smartened changed my life.

I can do everything I need to do on the road. Can buy my coffee. I can make a list of thoughts, participate in a Twitter chat, clip articles to my Everyone files, make Learners boards, and post to my Wordless blobs on the fly. It’s literally revolutionized my productivity. Mobile computing is the wave of the future. While the high school economics book still has a chapter on “balancing the checkbook,” I do my banking between grocery lines with mobile banking APS, rarely even seeing a check. Shop on Amazon, I send gifts remotely, and Google share important business and school materials for collaboration.

Then I Skips or do a Google Hangout for remote collaboration. Why, then must students use paper agendas, put their phones away, and use a pencil and paper? Students can do so much with an phone (or an Android, or even a BlackBerry). It can truly help them work marten, not harder. How? BOYD in Motion Although some schools have a “Bring Your Own Device” policy, many schools do not yet allow students to use their smartness in class, even for educational purposes. This is a difficult situation for teachers who recognize the productivity gains that could be made-after all, we, as professionals, use this stuff all day.

With smartness, a high school classroom without computers suddenly gains the power harnessed by the devices of the students, and a classroom with old computers does not have to worry about upgrading. We see immediate results in terms of student engagement, employed assignments, and access to higher-level information. Students’ first line of defense in finding a creative research solution is often their phone. Yet in many schools, this is breaking rules. One day recently, heard a voice drifting from the student computer area in my classroom. The student in front of the computer had her phone on the keyboard, Skipping.

Eve warned against an occasional text or tweet, but Skips seemed a bit extreme, even for me. “Really? ” I asked. Phones are note allowed in our school. “Miss, I’m talking to my cousin! ” she gave me the “you’re interrupting” face. “This makes his better how? ” I inquired. She was off Skips in thirty seconds, me standing at at the ready, holding my breath for the explanation. “See, couldn’t get this pie-chart just right and it wouldn’t embed where I wanted it. The numbers were wrong. She’s a computer person. ” We were doing an upper-level field research project that required use and interpretation of data.

This student went straight for the expert in real time. It’s what do all the time-use my network when I have a question. If this strategy is good enough for me, it should be used appropriately, for learning, for students. Networking and the SE of technology are critical 21st century skills-these students are born with both innate abilities in both, which the learning environment should foster. Students with disabilities report that APS help them in class, and some, like eighth-grader Sam, who presented to a full session at Decamp Boston recently, articulate this well.

Sam is a student with dyslexia who has had his pad written into his Individualized Educational Plan. Sam reports that its not always easy to get his instructors to embrace the technology, however, because many misunderstand, feeling that he might not be on task, when thing could be farther from the truth. Sam showed off APS and techniques he uses for increasing productivity. There were APS that helped him chunk text better, that read to him and that help him understand meaning. This helps him be productive alongside his peers.

The University of Michigan Dyslexia Help Page gives specific dyslexia-related APS, but seeing them in action with a real student, self-advocating to make the best use of technology to serve his needs was critical. The Function of Mobile Technology Mobile technology isn’t just for students with special needs. Every student can benefit from them. Voice dictation is one example. Many students find writing stressful. It’s difficult for them to formulate an essay, but they can articulate advanced material with ease.

By being trained in proper dictation technique uses using the voice APS standard on the phone, students can dictate the body of an essay nearly in MEAL format. I did a small training session before school one morning, and told them to try it out at home. Suddenly, I started getting more written responses from students who never wrote much before. Some feel that such APS have the potential to weaken a students ability to formulate written words and ideas. This is not true because students must still copy edit and revise their work, editing for punctuation, word choice, and the dreaded autocratic or speech recognition problem.

If you live in a state with a regional accent, which I do, this is a critical step indeed. phone APS can be used out of the classroom to benefit students as well. Students can use their phone for fitness. Australian college student and future educator Emma Adams showcase a few of of the best fitness APS for the phone on her Learners board, stating that they not only promote fitness, but cross over into math and science, hitting key standards as students covers health, nutrition, Body Mass Index calculation, caloric intake, and sinology.

In many respects, the phone is changing the way students learn. Social learning immediate answers to questions, and access to higher-level material are paving the way for a new style of student. As educators, it is inherent on us to feel comfortable with this technology as we transition from teacher-centered environments of the past to student-centered technology- driven learning of the future. Should Students use their Smartness as Learning Tools? Are smartness in the classroom a good idea? Do these devices seer. As a valid learning tool or just as another distraction contributing to the social disengagement of children? Despite the answer to this questions, schools must face the fact that smartness are already being utilized by students of all ages. Now the decision must be made-do smartness serve as educational learning tools, or should they be banned from the classroom? Smartened Ownership According to Nelson Research, smartened sales continue to soar and 55. 5% of all mobile subscribers now use smartness. This is almost a increase in just a single year.

The numbers get more impressive the younger the anemographic and almost 74% of young adults age 25-34 now own smartness, also up about 15% from a year ago. However, what is most interesting is the number of teens using these devices. The ownership of smartness for those 13-17 years of age is now at 58%, up a whopping 22% from a year ago. Young people are acquiring smartness at a staggering rate. App Availability Apple alone has recently reported that they have had over 35 billion APS downloaded.

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