Situational writing Assignment

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How are you? Thank you for your letter last week. WOWS your school life? My school is collecting opinions about the green initiatives recently. My school has established facilities for a green campus, for example, the Environmental Trail, Science and Sustainable Development Resource Centre, in order to promote sustainable development. Also, air-conditioners are replaced by energy-saving and environmentally-friendly air conditioning system.

However, each student in my school is given a plastic bag containing a napkin, a pair of disposable chopsticks and plastic spoon. A large amount of waste paper is produced by printed notes and notices to parents each day. To raise students’ awareness of environmental protection and to reduce waste, my school would like to ask students to bring their own reusable cutlery and lunchbox to the school canteen for lunch each day.

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Also, provide online notes and notices for parents instead of printed ones and encourage dents to submit assignments through emails. I appreciate the policy adopted by my school. It is because the main ideas of the policies are good for sustainable development. But I’m concerned about whether the students have computers at home, it may cause inconvenience to them. Also, It is difficult for parents to sign the notices if they don’t print them out. Therefore, online notes and notices for parents seem to be ineffective.

Apart from the policies that my school adopted already, I suggest that our school tuck shop can use reusable cutlery instead of disposable chopsticks and plastic spoon. Through this policy, It can raise students’ awareness of environmental protection effectively. Furthermore, schools may develop the wind turbines for wind power and solar energy. It can save more energy. For developing a greener environment, we can plant more trees. I hope you can give me some opinions as to how to enhance a greener environment. Please write to me soon.

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