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Exposition supported with Process, Definition, Narrative, or Comparison/Contrast. Each paragraph must be supported with at least one brief narrative, but the essay as a whole may not be one long narrative. If you find your topic sentences beginning with terms that suggest time or chronological order (“Then,” “Next,” “Afterwards,” “Finally”) then you need to restructure your essay to arrange your material logically, not chronologically.

Topic Description: In this essay, I want you to think through and write about what you believe Is a value/an activity/ a life/ a Life-blew/a principle by which life may be directed (choose Just one’) that you hope to pass down to your posterity, to future generations. Arrange material logically, not chronologically. In each body paragraph, you must use at least one narrative to support the topic sentence, but you may not turn your essay into one long narrative. The thesis must be clearly stated, and then each topic sentence should make a point supporting the thesis.

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You may choose a process to write about, but the actual process should only be described In one paragraph and only If necessary. In other words, a process is form of narrative writing, so the whole essay can’t be focused on how to do the process, but the essay CAN focus on the importance of that process to you and to your family. Write in First or Third Person only (no Second Person). Write 650 to 850 words. Audience and Purpose: The audience for this essay Is someone who Is Interested In finding out more about you: your teacher, your classmates, your own family, or even your current or future children.

Your purpose is to explain something you already know and understand to someone who doesn’t. Assume anything you write this master?whether in an essay or in a Journal entry?may be read to anyone or by anyone at any time during class or outside of class throughout the semester. If you do not want your mother, sister, preacher, priest, or chatty next-door-neighbor to know something, do not write It down! Follow the class schedule for due dates. How to be successful with this essay assignment.

Meeting deadlines is key so that the instructor may help you and so that you have time to use the computer programs available to revise accordingly. Being specific in the details you write is important. Suppose for example, you were to write a paper for a government class arguing whether or not the city manager of a town should be fired or should have his or her contract renewed. Avoid a general statement such as “The city manager should be let go because he has made a bunch of people mad. Instead come up with specific details such as “The city manger is corrupt and as a result should not have his contract renewed. Your main points could explain his corruption: because he has fired two city employees who refused to contribute to his brother-in-laws campaign for sheriff, because he has put family and friends on the itty payroll who are Incompetent and without having gone through normal hiring home. Those three ideas become the topic sentences for the supporting body paragraphs. Make sure you know what your Main Point or thesis is as you develop your Main Ideas and as you develop your supporting ideas. Consider your audience. What if your audience does not have the same belief? How can you explain your belief if the audience has never considered it? When arranging material logically, move from weakest or most obvious main idea to the strongest main idea. Remember, the lasting impression lasts and the last idea presented may often influence the grade assigned by a teacher. If you ever begin a paragraph with “another example is .. “, then you know you need to revamp that paragraph. It needs a new topic and a new topic sentence! Take advantage of every editing opportunity. Fill in the form so that you will be ready to write Essay #1 . Come up with ideas for at least 4 body paragraphs, but you may end up using only three by the time you write your essay. Having only two ideas suggests to the teacher not having put in enough thought about the topic. This form is for your use only, but if I suggest a conference with you, I will want you to et it to me?copy paste it and send it in Blackboard Mail.

You can propose a conference if you want me to check to see how you are doing. You don’t have to wait for me to propose it. Working thesis: (Write the life value down in a succinct statement along with a comment on why that life value is important to you or to your family. ) Main Idea #1: Ideas to support Main idea : (Include one narrative idea) 2. 3. Main Idea #2: Ideas to support Main idea #2: Ideas to support Main idea #3: Main Idea #4: Ideas to support Main idea #4: How I will draw my essay to a conclusion or end it:

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