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Education has always been described as the process of gaining knowledge. Whether it was knowledge about curing sick people in the Stone Age when there was no doctor and modern medicine or the knowledge about how contemporary scientists created cloned sheep, education always has same meaning.

And this is gaining knowledge. In different times of history there have been different methods of gaining knowledge. A human is born to learn and education cultivates in innocent minds how one can develop his or her skills for achieving physical, mental and social development. The history of education is as old as the history of human, and there is no end for it in the life of a human.But since the development of education system on the basis of different phases — primary, secondary or higher education — there have been conflicting interests among different education stakeholders. There are a number of education systems around the world. Among them some conflicts with each other. But the purpose behind every education system is gaining knowledge. The reason behind native parents’ opposition to formal education system during its early inception in America, as Alberto Coello has discussed in ‘Reaction to Learning Power: The Myth and Empowerment of Education’, was that they were considering the formal education system as a threat to their traditional ways of gaining knowledge. In fact, they were not against education, but the system which they thought was against the system they had been experiencing for a long time.

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