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This created a way for mass marketing of calendars like the “Sailboarder” calendar. This also made a way to improve communication as direct mail techniques were enhanced In order to get the word out of this great creation of this calendar. For the improvement of communication, Sigma also created an 800 number in order to have a direct connection to all concerned parties. Sigma was so in touch with communication and satisfaction of customers that they frequently sent sample calendars that contained sample Ideas that was In relation to the company’s line of business.

As for communication, in relation to that there was a call to related parties within a week or two in order communicate and find out what was considered o be good, bad or indifferent. By this type of working together, sales continued to Improve and this type of working together caused an Increase In total sales that resulted In 50 percent and an estimated 75 % Its net gain. In spite of the good things that were occurring in the marketing of the calendar, and the fast increase of profit levels this began to concern Spit and the printing trend that caused the market to decrease and the competition to Increase within the commercial segment.

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This was mainly in the area of Sigma what known as the Rust Belt area. So let’s talk about why this happen. Well there was definitely a fast moving pace of growth within the new technology high speed equipment coming on board. This then this caused Investments In the industry to have an overwhelming growth In the capacity of technology within Sigma and this Industry as a whole to have ongoing growth. This particular assignment within Sigma Marketing didn’t talk about emulation.

However, the business has strength for knowing the emulation that will present itself. Locating a difficult exigency is the answer to wiping out the emulation. So I do not think that the emulation will be an Issue for Sigma. The reason for my thought is because they are the inventors and they remain the leaders in being first. It is essential that Sigma have a competitive strategy to require the lowest price or product differentiation? This needs to be done in order to produce a distinct marketing strategy.

Take note though if Sigma chose product differentiation and define the product characteristics that differentiate Sigma’s options. According to Farrell & Hairline (2014) technology advancements refer to the way 1 OFF (Farrell & Hairline, 2014). New technological enhancements can create new capabilities in the marketplace commerce for all to get excited about. Sigma thrives on making sure that its people have training and continue to grow in its technological opportunities. Their pledge to stay in the ahead of their competitors will keep them ahead in their industry.

As technology continues to advance, competitors will always have the problem of staying ahead in the industry. As technology continues to grow, businesses like Sigma will find new ways to hold on to the leader in the technological industry. In order to keep that edge in the workforce, Sigma must put its priorities on immunization. Clients have a special interest in in customer service and that means communication must stay on the forefront. The fact that there are so many options available today, customer needs must stay first..

That goes for Sigma and other related competition in the industry. This organization must find new ways to keep a face on technology and communication. I have to say that the fundamental impact on Sigma’s future marketing strategies will be changing the production process, creating an entirely new product and providing a completely different elution to the need of Sigma to stay competitive. In addition to considering specific products and services you also need to consider the overall standing of the organization.

A first step might be to consider the options in terms of your key sustainability issues. That require Sigma to Identify whether each communication potential poses any risks, and whether the credibility of Sigma’s performance can be established. To go further, whether it will enable differentiation against Sigma’s competitors. What may seem to have the most impact on Sigma’s marketing eateries may be the argument of not asking consumers what are their needs.

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