Short Story Unit Asn Assignment

Short Story Unit Asn Assignment Words: 360

Support our choices with evidence from the story. Foreshadowing is evident in the first paragraph. Identify it. Why does Sam ask Bill if there is heart disease in his family? Highlight your answer to the following multiple choice questions. What literary device is the reference to Greenroom, Buffalo Bill, David , Goliath, and King Hero? A) oxymoron b) simile c) onomatopoeia d) allusion What literary device did O. Henry use for “as flat as a flannel-cake, and called Summit”? A) foreshadowing b) oxymoron c) analogy d) anecdote

What literary device is “crackle of a gig or the rustle of a leaf’? A) oxymoron d) figure of speech Describe Red Chiefs speech during their first dinner together. Why do you think Bill responds this way to the ransom letter? “Bill begged me tearfully to make the ransom fifteen hundred dollars instead of two thousand. “l anti attempting,” says he, “to decry the celebrated moral aspect of parental affection, but we’re dealing with humans, and it anti human for anybody to give up two thousand dollars for that forty-pound chunk of recalled wildcat.

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I’m willing to take a chance at fifteen hundred dollars. You can charge the difference up to me. ” Part 3 “The Garden Party’ by Katherine Mansfield your marks! ) Contrast Laurel’s attitude toward the workman with her attitude toward the silly boys of her social class. Why does she feel that way? Support your answer with examples from the story. Explain why Laura wanted to stop the garden party when she heard about the accident. What is the author trying to say about life or people in this story?

Write a short character analysis of Laura Sheridan (about 1 SO words). Refer to your Elements of a Short Story resource found in the part 2 of this lesson. A character analysis should include the type of character (flat, stock, round) and (static or dynamic), the artistic function of the character, and how the character is revealed. It must also have examples from the story. Save this document as Upload your assignment document to submit it for marking.

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