Sex, Violence, and Gambling Are Widely Used in the United Assignment

Sex, Violence, and Gambling Are Widely Used in the United Assignment Words: 424

Candy has also assisted other departments and performed many other roles outside of her primary Job function and is often called upon to fill in when senior executive assistants are absent or on vacation leave. However despite her excellent performance, work ethics and positive attitude towards her work coupled with her ability to exceed expectations, she has been repeatedly overlooked for promotions, self-improvement miners, and other opportunities for advancement.

Last year, she applied for a scholarship loan (a privilege she has seen granted to many of her colleagues) to assist her with furthering her education and was turned down without explanation. Months later, her supervisor recommended that she be promoted based on her performance, Executive Management turned down Mrs.. Tailor’s recommendation without any offer of explanation. Other managers who have utilized her boast about her performance, still she is not being advanced to a higher level.

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In July 2012 BBC Finance Company appointed a new Chairman who invited staff to make appointments to speak with him if they had any concerns. Candy penned a letter outlining her concerns and made an appointment to see the Chairman on Wednesday, October 7th 2012. Candy told acquaintances that the meeting was successful and the Chairman promised to get back to her within two weeks. Candy went on vacation for two weeks and returned on Monday, October 23rd, 2012. As she arrived in the audit department, Mrs..

Taylor called her in for a brief meeting and informed that she is now laterally transferred to the new business division and will report to Mr.. John Smith, Assistant Director. Khans transfer letter also stated, “As this is a lateral transfer, there will be no increase at this time. However, in lieu of your exemplary performance you will receive a monthly stipend of $200 to assist the audit department when the need arises. We are certain that you will continue to perform well in your new assignment. ”

Candy was in disbelief though she tried to mask her disappointment, she packed her few personal items and moved to the new work area. She later heard that the Chairman had discussed her letter with his executive assistant who was telling everyone at BBC that the Chairman was not going to help her and everyone at the company was talking about what she had discussed in the meeting with him. Candy thinks about approaching the Chairman’s executive assistant about the confidential information she was viciously spreading. She also thinks about quitting her Job.

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