Operators in C Assignment

Operators in C Assignment Words: 298

Algorithms and Flowcharts Problem Solving steps, Definition of Algorithm, Characteristics of an algorithm, Algorithmic notations, Writing algorithms for simple problems, Space complexity, Time complexity, Definition of flowchart, Flowchart symbols, Writing flowcharts for impel problems hrs 3. C++ Fundamentals The C++ character set, Identifiers and keywords, data types, variables, declarations, 6 statements, C++ program structure, Simple 1/0 operations. 4.

Operators and Expressions 3 hrs Operator precedence and associatively, arithmetic operators, relational operators, logical operators, increment and decrement operators, bitwise operators, assignment operators, conditional operator, comma operator, type conversions, arithmetic expressions, evaluation of expressions. 5. Flow of Control 4 hrs Statements and blocks, simple if, if-else, nested if statements, else-if ladder, switch- ease statement, looping constructs- entry controlled and exit controlled loops, break and continue statements, exit statement, problem solving using above statements . 5 hrs 6.

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I-Dimensional and 2-Delusional Arrays I-D arrays- Declaration and Initialization, programs on array manipulation, sorting (selection and bubble sort techniques), searching (linear and binary search techniques), 2-D arrays-basics, simple programs on matrix manipulation, strings- operation on strings, built-in string handling functions, programs on strings. 6 hrs 7. Functions Modular programming, library functions and user-defined functions, function acceleration, definition and function call, parameter passing techniques, storage classes, function overloading, default arguments, Inline functions, examples. Hrs 8. Structures, unions and Pointers Structures – basic operations and programs, advantages of structures over arrays, array of structures, unions, pointers-pointers to simple variables, pointers to arrays, basic operation on pointers, pointers to strings, pointers to structures, pointers to 9. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Procedure oriented programming versus object oriented programming, basic incepts of object oriented programming:-inheritance, polymorphism, examples, benefits of object oriented programming. 10 .

File Manipulation File handling functions – open, close, put, get, writing simple programs. 2 hrs 11. Introduction to Software Life Cycle Models Classical waterfall model, Iterative waterfall model,

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